This BrewMonitor software monitors almost everything in the brewing process, from yeast vitality to pH

Controlling the brewing process is one of the keys to consistently creating quality craft beer. But with variables ranging from dissolved oxygen, pH and gravity to pressure, temperature and conductivity, knowing exactly what is going on inside the tank has always been partly random sampling and partly a guess. Repeatedly testing beer during the fermentation process has been one of the few ways brewers have collected important fermentation data. However, relying on sampling as quality control only provides a snapshot of product health visibility.

Fortunately, advancements in technology take the guesswork out of fermentation and brewing. One company that constantly catches our eye is Precision Fermentation. Its BrewMonitor system replaces ad hoc sampling and testing with continuous, fully automated fermentation monitoring. How it works?

The BrewMonitor Sensor Hub (that thing), which easily attaches to any fermentation vessel, collects and broadcasts critical active fermentation information and alerts live to a PC, tablet or smartphone. This gives brewers the real-time visibility needed for consistent product quality, less waste and more efficient production.

The BrewMonitor system measures and compares temperature, ambient temperature, pH, conductivity, gravity, pressure and dissolved oxygen. Automatically triggered email and/or SMS alerts based on custom thresholds notify brewers of issues before it’s too late.

The BrewMonitor system’s pre-built dashboards turn fermentation tanks into an information powerhouse. Benchmarking informs future brews and improves batch-to-batch consistency, while the ability to view historical data speeds yeast vitality assessment for faster patches and fermentation prevention blocked.

And, the Brew Monitor System is cloud-based, so there’s no software to install.

Craft brands such as Terrapin Beer Co. in Georgia, Western Red Brewing in Washington, and Bond Brothers Beer Co. in North Carolina use BrewMonitor. From a previous story on the BrewMonitor system:

“The features of the BrewMonitor system definitely address two of the most critical aspects of brewing quality assurance,” said Jared Resnick, Founder and CEO of Precision Fermentation. “The first is faster access to the most crucial daily fermentation data. The BrewMonitor dashboard was developed with lots of customer feedback, as we wanted to make sure we hit the mark with the exact information that brewers, QA staff and business owners need – to on demand and with as little friction as possible. The second is to automate the transformation of raw data into actionable fermentation insights. For example, the Brand Analytics module looks at all fermentations for a given brand, performs the analysis, and at a glance shows exactly where new batches might be going right or wrong. The enhancements in this new release are an important step in our continued mission to be at the forefront of brewing automation and quality management, helping brewers streamline their operations and freeing them to create other great products.

Learn more about precision fermentation and the BrewMonitor system by clicking here.

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