The “Farm To Tap” initiative promotes the use of Tennessee products in craft beers

The Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild has announced the launch of a statewide campaign – “Farm to Tap” – to encourage the use of more local farm products in local craft beers.

The initiative is funded by an appropriation of $350,000 from the General Assembly.

“Tennessee’s craft brewers are creative and innovative, and many have already discovered the benefits of using Tennessee-grown produce in their offerings,” said Sharon Cheek, the group’s executive director. “Farm To Tap is a tremendous opportunity to provide an economic boost to our agricultural economy, provide new product lines for the ever-growing craft brewing industry, and give consumers more ways to support local businesses. .”

“We are grateful and excited to partner with the Department of Agriculture to further direct demand for Tennessee agricultural products,” she said.

Kyle Hensley, a business development consultant for the Department of Agriculture, is working closely with the Guild, the state’s 95 agricultural extension officers and the University of Tennessee to participate in the campaign.

“This is a logical complement to the state’s successful Pick Tennessee Products campaign, which connects customers to locally grown or made products and farm-related activities,” Hensley said. “While grain products like wheat and barley are certainly common ingredients in many craft beers, Tennessee farmers produce other ingredients — like strawberries, watermelon, other fruits, nuts and honey – which are becoming increasingly popular with craft beer enthusiasts. We want to help our brewers become familiar with what is available and how best to source the products. »

Beginning with a launch event at Harding House Brewing in Nashville on November 16, the Guild will then travel across the state to introduce and reinforce the concept, with events planned for Knoxville and Memphis in early December with other locations following. . “Farm To Tap” themed festivals are also in the works in February and March in East, Central and West Tennessee.

“We want to identify and spotlight ‘pioneers’ in our industry who have already discovered the benefits of using Tennessee farm produce and introduce the concept to farmers and brewers in one-on-one meetings, breakout sessions groups and large-scale festivals and other events. We plan to spread the word in as many ways as we can within our resources,” Cheek said.

All breweries interested in participating can get more information at

The Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild is a 501(C)6 nonprofit organization representing independent craft brewers in Tennessee. It exists to advance interests and serve as a collective voice for the Tennessee craft brewing industry.

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