Test 1, 2, 3… food products made in New Zealand that may need explaining

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Would you drink caramel flavored bone broth? How do you pronounce Blaufrankisch? And what exactly is an adaptogen?

Read on to learn about three innovative food products made in New Zealand.

How do you say Blaufrankisch?

Family-run boutique Hans Hertzog, a beautiful, tiny and eclectic Marlborough winery, is well known for its creative approach to winemaking. It releases some of our lesser known varietals – the 11.5 hectare vineyard grows nearly 30 varietals, all certified organic and hand-harvested.

Now the vineyard has debuted Blaufrankisch – an Austrian variety never before seen in New Zealand. Pronounced “blahw-fran-keesh” (and known in America and Germany as Lemberger), this 2019 wine is very refined and rare – the yield was deliberately miniscule at just 800g per vine, fermented with wild yeasts, and did not undergo any fining or filtration, before resting for 18 months in barrels then another 18 in bottle.

So what to expect from this new version? This late-ripening variety needs a warm site with cool nights, which makes the Hans Herzog estate a perfect location. Tasting notes offer black peppercorn and dark chocolate cherries, supple tannins and a deep intensity that will pair well with lamb and grilled meats – a wine in the mold of a red Burgundy that will age well in bottle for more than 15 years. herzog.co.nz

Coffee with adaptogens

An early morning coffee has always been the perfect start to the day. But the Wyld Focus brew goes even further.

Adaptogens are plants (often herbs or mushrooms) that are said to help your body deal with stress, improve mental focus, and support the immune system. Wyld contains the recommended daily dose of adaptogens (a blend of functional mushrooms including Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Cordyceps). Wyld also contains L-theanine (found in green tea), which relieves anxiety – it’s a caffeine buzz without the jitters.

This single-origin, fair trade, organic coffee brewed from Ethiopian yirgacheffe beans is smooth and bright, with an earthy touch, best served over ice and with a splash of milk if desired. $4.89, at supermarkets and health stores nationwide, or $99 for 24 and free shipping at drinkwyld.com

Caramel Flavored Bone Broth Protein Powder

We know you cringed reading this headline, and trust us, you’re not alone. But trust me – the protein power of Mitchell’s Salted Caramel Bone Broth is flavorful, not too sweet, good for your gut, and has nothing to do with meat (we promise). The salted butter caramel is the latest in a range of this local brand (you can also choose vanilla or chocolate). All of Mitchell’s powders are made from grass-fed New Zealand beef and are high in protein (26g per serving), collagen and amino acids, but low in carbs, sugar and fat. It’s paleo, keto, and dairy-free, gluten-free, and legumes-free. Just shake it up with water, or add a banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter (or a drop of MCT oil) to make this a long-lasting energy drink. $69 (for 17 servings), available at mitchellsnutrition.com

Mitchell's Salted Caramel Bone Broth Protein Powder.  Photo / Provided
Mitchell’s Salted Caramel Bone Broth Protein Powder. Photo / Provided

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