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Disruptive startups to watch

2021 has been a banner year, with more companies entering the billion dollar club. Many start-ups have achieved or maintained unicorn status by the end of the year to reflect nearly five-fold growth compared to 2020. This boom may be linked to a funding frenzy fueled by adoption of technologies and innovative solutions by start-ups. ups is gaining momentum in response to the pandemic. However, the start-up ecosystem now faces a turbulent time for fundraising as investors seek long-term business strategies, valuations and a path to profitability in uncertain market conditions. Nonetheless, 2022 has the potential to continue this momentum with multiple entities having a good chance of being in the right place when aided by the right technologies. GlobalData harnesses the power of alternative data to examine the health of startups across multiple dimensions, including the quality of their innovations, their market presence, and the funding they can attract. This helps our clients analyze the disruptive potential of start-ups for early alliances, investments and acquisition prospects to develop future-proof strategic roadmaps for competitive advantage. Read our report and gather insights on the following topics:
  • Recent Unicorn Trends
  • Unicorns in 2022
  • future unicorns
  • Startups to watch

Startup ecosystem outlook by major geographies

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