Guinness MY gives consumers insight into its beer brewing process

Guinness Malaysia and Ogilvy Malaysia have launched the Credentials – ‘It’s A Matter Of Taste’ campaign to showcase the quality ingredients, brewing process and unique taste of beer.

The campaign, which runs through September 2022, includes social media, modern POS, traditional POS and nationwide activation. Special Guinness bounties will also be made available to commemorate the occasion. A+M contacted Ogilvy for additional information.

As well as shedding light on the process of making Guinness beers, Adrian Miller, Creative Director of Ogilvy Malaysia, explained that Guinness also wants to convey that its stouts can elevate an occasion by making those moments shared with friends more meaningful and related. This is further emphasized in the video which features talent inviting viewers to taste Guinness beers with them. Guinness beers specifically featured were Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Draft of Guinness and Guinness in a can.

Four short films from the initial phase of the campaign were shared across all of Guinness’ social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram. The videos feature talent inviting viewers to taste Guinness beers with them. The Guinness beers specifically featured were Guinness Draft and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. The videos, which use fast-paced camera work, are also filled with smooth transitions and cinematic footage, including the lighting of roasted barley kernels on fire – suggesting to viewers how beer is brewed.

On the Guinness website, he describes the precision of his roasting process which gives his stouts a “distinctive taste”. This includes roasting one of its key ingredients, barley kernels, at 232 degrees Celsius. This particular information was highlighted in campaign videos and posters (two of which are pictured below).

Ogilvy was tasked with providing campaign branding, creative solutions, digital, social experiences and trade marketing material support for the campaign after winning a four-way pitch. Guinness has worked with Ogilvy around the world for over 40 years.

Pablo Chabot, Marketing Director of Heineken Malaysia, said the team has shown great appreciation for its brand values, but is also able to think holistically about all the elements needed to strengthen Guinness’ position in Malaysia. “Ogilvy never lacks energy and knowledge – a global powerhouse with strong local knowledge and common goals,” added Chabot.

Nizwani Shahar, CEO of Ogilvy Malaysia, said: “Guinness is an iconic brand, and we are proud to be able to drive brand impact and business growth in a modern landscape, by talking to new drinkers. . We’re flying the Guinness flag high after working on this business for so long, and with this victory comes greater renewed energy.”

According to her, working on the brand demonstrates how resourceful and creative the agency can be in a very limited communication environment. Nizwani said the two companies shared common values ​​as brands and businesses: bold, distinctive and with a laser-focused drive to succeed.

For his part, Adrian Miller, Creative Director of Ogilvy Malaysia, said: “It’s a Matter of Taste is the ultimate invitation to the world of Guinness. This taste is further accentuated by people who drink Guinness. Individuals who create their own sense of style and don’t follow the herd. They are sophisticated and know what good taste is. More importantly, they want you to join them.”

Currently, Guinness also runs an immersive and experiential pop-up called House of Guinness, encouraging consumers to “bring the pub home”. Through this, the brand wants to educate drinkers on the difference between its new offering, Guinness Draft in a can, and the existing Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

In collaboration with Sambal Lab, Guinness also wants to demystify the perception that other strong brands are on par with the brand. Guests must complete several Instagram-enabled missions that culminate in learning how to pour the perfect draft into a pop-up bar. This activation is primarily aimed at Gen Z and Millennials and aims to attract 14,000 visitors during its 39 days of operation through September 4.

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