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Classified ads in the daily press or on the Internet repeatedly advertise loans that can be taken up in a completely uncomplicated manner and even under unfavorable conditions. Even if the Credit Bureau is negative and the income is too low, these loan offers should work.

Advertising is usually backed by credit intermediaries who work dubiously and are less interested in brokering a loan than in filling up their own wallet. They only offer their services if you opt for a prepayment loan.

While every consumer with a good credit rating now thinks that this smells like fraud at first glance and avoids such offers, some highly indebted people cling to such offers because it is the only chance for them at all to get a loan. But how serious can a loan with prepayment be? And how can you avoid having to pay in advance for a loan?

Reputable credit brokers do not take prepayment

Reputable credit brokers do not take prepayment

It is actually the case that every consumer can take out a loan completely independently. No matter whether on the Internet or at one of the many banks that offer their products in branch operations. Nobody needs the help of a credit broker.

Despite all of this, there are many consumers who like to contact a credit broker. Always hoping to get a particularly good loan offer through him. Or because the conditions for borrowing are so bad that traditional banks do not want to lend.

In all these cases, however, the fact is that no reputable credit broker takes an advance payment. Because credit intermediaries either work on behalf of the banks and insurance companies, or are only paid after the order has been completed. Everything else is dubious and therefore fraudulent to the customer.

This is what a loan looks like without prepayment

This is what a loan looks like without prepayment

If you have a good credit rating, you don’t have to worry about borrowing. Because he can take advantage of almost any loan offer that is currently on the market. And there will not be an offer for a prepayment loan. Because no bank and no savings bank in our country offers a credit with prepayment. And reputable financial experts, who may help you find a suitable loan, will only ever be paid when a loan agreement has really been concluded. Therefore, there will never be a prepayment loan in this area either.

If you get such an offer, which always asks the borrower to checkout before the search for the loan begins, then you should immediately refuse and refrain from it. Because it can not be a good thing if you have to pay for things that are actually free of charge or if you are only paid if you succeed.

By the way: preliminary costs do not only have to be presented to the credit intermediary in the form of cash payments. They can also exist if unnecessary insurance or magazine subscriptions are to be taken out for borrowing. All of this shows that the supposed credit broker is actually just someone who makes his money with insurance and Abbos and only uses the loan as a lure. In the end there is no credit and the money invested is gone. Either because the so-called credit intermediary can no longer be reached or because the insurance and subscriptions can no longer be canceled.