1812 Brewing Company, Inc. now controls 100% of its beer production and packaging | 2022-02-09 | Press Releases

The company expects a gross profit margin increase of 50%

Watertown, NY, 09 Feb. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 1812 Brewing Company, Inc. (OTC Pink: KEGS) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has successfully commissioned its recently acquired MAKRO three-station bottle labeler, its GAI 3031 FM Bier Monobloc Gravity and Pressure Bottle Filler and its GAI 4290R Crown Cap Elevator.

Since its creation, in order to meet market demand for its products, the Company has relied on third parties to “contract” brew, keg and bottle its beer. “While the company has always valued and valued its contract brewing partnerships, this comes at a price. Not only was it costing the business more,” said Tom Scozzafava, President and CEO of 1812 Brewing, “it made us completely dependent on the availability of downtime at our brewer partners’ facilities, who often have left the Company at the back of the pack in terms of importance and priority during the busiest times of the year. Additionally, our entire bottling business was vulnerable to the health and long-term viability of our contract partners. And over the past 13 years, many contract partners have ceased contract production or even gone out of business, which has severely impacted our ability to meet demand for the company’s products.”

With full production independence, the Company expects a gross profit margin increase of around 50% compared to the longest-serving contract partner. Additionally, 1812 Brewing has complete scheduling flexibility and can schedule the production of its products to better meet demand. Finally, having the ability to produce both smaller and larger batch sizes will better serve the business when it comes to new product development and new product introduction. Mr. Scozzafava added: “When you had to produce a minimum of 500 kegs of beer per keg and/or bottles, developing new products was fraught with financial risk. Now we can test and release smaller batches, which will allow us to introduce many more brands in a very short time.”

In 2020, the Company acquired MAKRO and GAI bottling equipment after its contract partner Empire Brewing Company declared bankruptcy. Mr. Scozzafava added: “We knew this equipment was working well because it was used to bottle our beer before we even acquired it.” With the assistance of Prospero Equipment Corporation, GAI’s North American sales and service representatives, 1812 Brewing has successfully commissioned the highly sophisticated and powerful equipment, which marks a significant milestone in the company’s history. .

About Brasserie 1812:

1812 Brewing Company is both an investment and operating company focused on the beverage and hospitality industries. Returns are expected to come in the form of growth in corporate earnings in its major holdings as well as potential stock appreciation and dispossession of such holdings in its investments. For more updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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