WoodGrain is expanding its craft beer production

A local microbrewery is growing enough to be able to share its beer with customers in other locations in South Dakota.

WoodGrain Brewing Co., 101 S. Phillips Ave., #100, moved into two new fermentation tanks Thursday that will increase production capacity from 400 barrels per year to 800 barrels, said co-owner and brewer Steve Hartman. A barrel is 31 gallons.

“We have people all over the state who want our product,” he said. “Most people want anything we can send them. We just can’t afford to send them anything right now.

Production of the new tanks will begin next week, he said.

The new tanks will be more dedicated to distribution, with half going to other locations in the state. The brewery’s smaller tanks will be able to be used for specialty beers, he said.

WoodGrain typically offers four regular craft beers on tap – Cascade Smash Pale Ale, Milk Stout, Wheat and India Pale Ale – and has made 60 different types of beer. “People really like it. We usually sell out our batches in about 10 days,” he said of the specialty beers.

The brewery is also running out of two of the four regular beers, a problem that should be fixed when the company has more capacity.

Hartman, Jason Currie-Olson and Ryan VanTol launched WoodGrain in September 2015 and are preparing to celebrate its second anniversary.

The owners hope to expand in the future with the bottling or canning of their products.

“We’d love to do road canning one day, but that would require us to find a second location,” Hartman said.

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