What I’m Drinking This Week: Guaranteed Personality from Fall Brewing Company

Name: Guaranteed personality

Brewery: Autumn Brewery

Style: West Coast IPA

ABV: 7.6%

Another day, another IPA. Where is it?

This week’s pick for my 22 IPAs in 2022 challenge is from Fall Brewing Company, inspired by my recent visit to the North Park location. I’ve always loved Fall Brewing – not only is its tasting room one of my favorite places in San Diego, but it has an amazing sour selection (thanks to its Jazz Hands series).

I figured if I started with one of my best brews, the odds of liking the IPA were hypothetically higher, right?

Although not the strongest guess, I was surprisingly right. From the first sip – and the first smell – I was in love with this beer. But I couldn’t put my finger on what I loved so much about it. Guaranteed personality had all the usual hop flavor that other IPAs I’ve tried in the past – why was this one so appealing?

Then it hit me like a tree. A pine, to be precise. Guaranteed Personality is definitely one of the most sappy brews (is that even a word?) I’ve ever tried. I never considered myself a pine lover, but five minutes into this beer I was about to take on a pine persona. As I sipped the refreshing drink, I started making plans of all the pine IPAs to pile my drink list with.

Then came the bad news: this affection does not last. The longer I drank, the less I liked him. It was bland, tangy and hot…an experience that turned my last Go-To beer into Just Another IPA. Why?

I don’t know, but I refuse to give up the best first sip. So I’m going to research that taste and see if I have the same experience drinking draft or canned beer. The next time I visit Fall Brewing – this time the Golden Rhino Room in South Park, a place that’s been on my bucket list for a while – I plan on swapping my jazz hands with a guaranteed personality for a second taste. (Opting for a sour over an IPA…who am I even?)

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