Valve proves its worth in the beer brewing process

Craft brewers are known for their unique ability to create a product from traditional and non-traditional ingredients producing a harmony of complex flavors. Faced with the challenge of carefully distributing grain from a big bag container into a new brewing line, BridgePort Brewing Co. turned to the Mucon JS Iris Diaphragm Valve.
BridgePort Brewing Co. is Oregon’s oldest craft brewing company. Established in 1984 in what was once a World War I hemp rope factory in Portland’s warehouse district, BridgePort has grown into an award-winning brewery nationally and internationally by blending distinctive ingredients and dedication to quality and flavor. Recently, when producing a new beer using a malted rye grain imported from the UK, they faced a unique challenge.
The challenge was how to carefully distribute the rye from a 2000 lb bulk bag container into the brewing process. This had to be done economically, in a very small space and quickly, while ensuring a controlled flow of the special rye.
The solution was to mount a Mucon JS iris diaphragm valve on a custom platform positioned above the infusion tank inlet funnel. The loose rye sack is then lifted into position and the sack outlet spout is inserted through the opening of the iris diaphragm valve. As the rye flows through the outlet of the Big Bag, the discharge flow is controlled or stopped and started by opening and closing the Mucon JS valve. This allows a large amount of rye to be handled and dispensed safely, while eliminating spills as the rye is discharged directly into the process. The Mucon JS valve also allows the production area to be washed as needed while keeping the grain dry and safe.
The Mucon JS valve was chosen because it is specifically designed to adapt to big bag emptying stations. The valve allows a controlled discharge of the product. It is designed with a single diaphragm which provides dust tight shutoff and a concentric open / close function which allows ideal flow control. The valve is also multi-notch, allowing the diaphragm to be locked in any required position. It also has mounting holes drilled at the top and bottom for easy mounting on the bulk bag unloading station.
The Mucon JS Iris Diaphragm Valve provides an excellent means of bulk bag flow control, whether installed on a large permanent system or on a mobile bulk bag unloading station.
“Brewers are very practical. The Mucon JS Iris Diaphragm Valve – it works, it’s inexpensive and durable – well done. It did the job for us, ”said Eric Munger, Head Brewer at BridgePort Brewing Co. He especially liked the multi-notch open and close feature. This was crucial for the control of rye during production. The Mucon JS Iris Diaphragm Valve has proven to be the unique and creative solution to controlling the flow of bulk bag ingredients for BridgePort Brewing Co.
Kemutec Group Inc., Bristol, PA, is the supplier of the Mucon Valve line in North and South America. For more information call 215-785-5171, send email [email protected], or visit

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