These Norwich Brewing Company Guys Consider Relocating To Beth Jacob School

NORWICH – Ray Alberts, brewer and co-owner of These Guys Brewing Company in Norwich, hopes an abandoned school near Church Street will become the brewery’s “home for life”.

“We spend the money to make it amazing; give people what they want, and so do we, ”said Alberts, co-owner of the company with his wife Becka Alberts.

In November 2020, the couple obtained approval from the Commission on the City’s plan to transform the former Beth Jacob Religious School at 49 Church Street into the new location of These Guys Brewing, increasing them from 2,800 feet square to nearly 13,000 square feet. .

However, work to make the new location a reality is still underway a year later. These guys finally bought the building only about a month ago.

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Alberts does not want to set a specific timeframe for the opening of the new location, as supplies for the renovation, including the roof, have taken longer than expected to arrive.

“We’re backed on a lot of things,” Alberts said.

What will change at the new location?

The building is expected to undergo big changes during the transition from school to brewery. Most of the old walls will be rearranged or torn off to create a large dining room, kitchen, etc. In terms of catering potential, Alberts said he expects there will be almost three times as much seating in the new These Guys as the current location, with people ideally parking at the top of the main street garage.

The new roof terrace is part of this image, which should have a view of Norwich city center. Some of the other work needed on the building includes removing asbestos from the school, built in 1955, and adding an elevator.

Ray Alberts, co-owner of The Guys' Brewing, looks out over Norwich city center from the former Beth Jacob religious school.  These guys bought the building last month and will eventually move into the larger space.

The new space will move all beer production to the school’s old gymnasium, a large basement. Alberts said he didn’t know how much beer production would increase, but it would be enough if these guys could start distributing their beer to more restaurants and for retail sales.

As part of a revitalization of the city center

The Church Street location is the culmination of the company’s business strategy, which started out small and has grown over the years. Alberts said he hopes the work done in These Guys could inspire other businesses to come to Norwich.

What will be the new entrance to These Guys' new location on Church Street when completed.

A client, Eric Myers, a Norwich resident, said he was happy to see the revitalization of the city center in recent years and is hopeful that these guys move to their new location opens up space for another business. With other recent changes downtown, like the addition of the rotary and the opening of the Cream Cafe, Myers said the changes were good, but still had to work.

“There has to be a reason to come here,” Myers said. “This is one of those places that has been doing this in the last few years, and there are more to come.”

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Another customer, Norwich resident Alex Ukoneu, has only been to These Guys a few times, but he plans to return when they are on Church Street.

“The first time I came here the menu was exceptional and the people here just listening to them have been coming here for a long time,” Ukoneu said.

While Alberts will miss Franklin Street once the move is complete, he said he was happy to take the opportunity to expand and also stay in Norwich.

“We have believed in Norwich from the start, and that’s why we want to stay,” said Alberts. “It’s a great place and we can only improve it.

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