The Establishment Brewing Company releases a fraction of the sour sum aged in cask with apricots – Canadian beer news

CALGARY, ABThe establishment’s brewery announced the release of the latest limited edition beer in its barrel aging program.

Fraction of sum (6% abv):

Far from being built to spill, this BC organic apricot bittersweet was brewed to be poured and destined to become far greater than the sum of its parts – and far more than just a fraction. It is a sour of mixed culture, aged in oak barrels and ripe with apricots. Like, 320g / L ripe with them – all whole, fresh and hand pitted by us!

Then came eight months of fermentation in barrels, a blend in selected barrels and a second fermentation (!) On ripe apricot for another three months. So it’s no surprise that it’s quite fruity, but its reassurance is welcome as it has given the best fruit character we’ve unlocked so far using stone fruit as a key ingredient.

We were able to bottle the luster of the apricot mesocarp (flesh), the acidity of its epicarp (skin), and even a hint of amaretto from the endocarp (kernel). Essentially, we’re talking about a carp load of fruity funk. What can we say? It is golden and you are right to want to take it home.

Fraction Of The Sum is available now at the establishment’s retail store and online store.

Source and photo: The Establishment Brewing Company

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