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After winning a bronze medal at this year’s World Beer Cup, Atari’s Lantern, a Jasmine Rice Lager, is back in Denver The Empourium Brewing Co. First released in January 2022, the name Atari’s Lantern refers to Wes Anderson’s film, Isle Of Dogs. The name also serves as a nod to the tavern’s dog-friendly environment.

This light and refreshing Lager focuses on a delicate and clean malt profile. A touch of Styrian Dragon hops brings a hint of floral and fruity notes. Brewer Greg Fetzer says, “Sometimes simplicity is best. The goal of this brew was to make a clean lager using jasmine rice, simply because he wanted to see how it would taste in a beer. Combining basic German Pilsner malt with 30% jasmine rice and American flaked rice, this light and clear Lager is quite thirst-quenching. Fetzer has always worked hard to brew beers that show his great attention to detail and this year it really paid off.

World Cup of Beer cheers

Asked about winning the World Beer Cup, he said: “It was great, especially as it was the first brew with no further adjustments afterwards, it was surreal.” He chose to submit this beer because he felt it best fit the American-Style Lager category. However, it helps that it’s one of his favorite beers he’s brewed. Fetzer was unable to travel to Minneapolis for the ceremony but watched the live broadcast. Therefore, he was able to share the moment with the rest of the management team. He said that after a second or two for the news to really settle, they all stood up, clapped and shared hugs, and of course tears.

The Empourium Brewing Company Beer World Cup bronze medalist, Atari's Lantern four-pack
Where to find Atari’s Lantern

Although they didn’t plan to brew him again anytime soon, Fetzer jumped in to add him back into the rotation after the win, and after eight long weeks he’s finally back. Stop in the dining room for a pint (or two) or a four-pack to go. Don’t have time to go to the bar? Four-packs are also available at a few liquor stores near the Berkeley neighborhood.

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