The best of the Back Mountain: “Good, locally grown produce at a low price”


DALLAS – For just about any occasion, Darling and Sons Farms and Greenhouses has you covered.

Whether you are looking to grow your garden, decorate for the holidays, or buy flowers for that special someone, the Darling family has you covered.

And with the great service and great products comes the glitz and glamor of the awards, as Darling and Sons took home the award for best locally made / grown product at the Best of the Back Mountain Awards, held at the North Slope Brewing Company. in Dallas.

“He never gets old,” Darling and Sons’ Joe Darling said of the win, the farm’s 12th win in the category according to Darling’s tally. “We cannot thank our customers enough for their support over all these years. “

The Darling family have owned their land on Hildebrandt Road since 1930. Joe’s father Norman opened the business, and now Joe and his brother Norm Jr. have carried on the legacy of excellence that stretches back all those years. .

Darling and Sons specializes in a dazzling variety of flowers for all seasons, and the farm also sells fresh produce, all grown on site.

“Everything is grown here,” Darling said. “Good, locally grown produce at a low price.”

Darling said business has been pretty good throughout the year despite the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially during the busy Easter farm period through Memorial Day.

“The weather hasn’t always helped us,” he said. “But it went well, pretty well.”

His two nephews and his own son help out on the farm with Darling, the next generation of Darlings to take to the farm that opened all those years ago.

Things look pretty good for Darling and Sons to continue winning in the Best of the Back Mountain and to add even more plaques to their already filled trophy case.

The secret to all success, according to Darling? It’s nothing too crazy.

“I think people appreciate our product and appreciate their whole experience here,” he said. “You plant a seed, you get a whole new product from it. … It’s really cool.”


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