The 11 Best CBD Products 2022

In my youth, like many, I believed that the right combination of booze, weed, and Xanax could cure any ailment and enhance every creative endeavor. But now, as a universal-brained adult, I’ve come to recognize that even though alcohol Is help me fall asleep faster and weed Is empirically make sex better, they’re not as compatible with my new extremely relaxing lifestyle. So, I often wondered how I could retain the joy and freedom of self-medication while walking the path to wellness. Alas, friends, it is possible! The answer, at least for me, is CBD.

As a premium member of the cannabidiol church, I’ve discovered that there are many great applications for CBD, including reducing inflammation, alleviating anxiety, and more. From rock stars to Harvard doctors, enthusiastic users of the non-psychotropic hemp-derived compound are preaching its potential. While there’s still a lot of scientific research to be done on its effects and abilities, and an ongoing debate about whether it’s potency (or not), there’s a reason CBD has grown exponentially in recent years. years: For many users, it gets the job done.

By trying a bunch of CBD products, I’ve come to have my own personal favorites for different applications. Still, CBD hits differently for everyone, so I recommend exploring the wide range of CBD products and tailoring them to your individual needs. From sleep-inducing serums to topical solutions for pain, I present to you my picks for the best CBD products in the game.

Catch that good REM

Sleeping pills are one of the biggest categories of CBD products, and since there are such a variety of reasons people need them, they will be the most personal. I usually take a little CBD oil shortly before bed, and find it gives me that extra haze of relaxation without feeling like I’m going to bed stoned. I tend to sleep much better with CBD; I hardly ever wake up at night, sleeping until that evil siren on my nightstand tells me it’s time to go to work. My current favorite CBD tincture is from Dad Grass, a company best known for their pre-rolled CBD and CBG joints (more on that later). Each bottle contains 1,200 milligrams of CBD, meaning a full dropper delivers a dose of 40 milligrams. Good evening!

Dad Grass

Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Tincture

Worry about doing your taxes

Man, I’m still freaking out about so many things – right now it’s my tax return. I do a lot to support my mental health, but sometimes I just want to take over the moment and live my life! For daily anxiety relief, I love Verma Farms Pineapple CBD Oil. The brand is Hawaiian-inspired, and its fresh, breezy pineapple flavor tastes like what I imagine relaxing in a hammock on a Maui beach. With the 500 milligram and 1000 milligram options, you can choose the strength that feels right for your stress level. (Unfortunately, they don’t have a 50,000 milligram option for me. Maybe soon!).

Verma Farms

Pineapple CBD Oil

Get your monster

There is a huge world of CBD products for sex, including products formulated to relieve discomfort and help people relax in the bedroom. And, as many of us have experienced, sex is dramatically better when your body and mind aren’t totally tense. Dani Pepper’s CBD Lubricant and “O” Orgasm Enhancer are great tools for boosting both relaxation and pleasure – in fact, the “O” is formulated to supposedly “naturally increase duration and lust.” ‘intensity of your orgasm’. According to one satisfied customer, “The product does what it says. I bought this lube for my wife and I and she climaxed like I have never seen before!! »

Dani Pepper

The Perfect “O” – CBD Lube Set

From Foria, the All Night Long kit includes the brand’s sex oil, intimacy suppositories, and CBD and cocoa bath salts that will rightfully change your life. Don’t forget to put on your favorite D’Angelo record before you start your night. . “I loooove the oils in this kit!” a customer wrote. “[I] for sure noticed a difference in sexual enhancement, in a terrific way!”


The all night kit

Aches and pains

Dear god, I have tried many CBD topicals. I like ones that look like a premium lotion and smell fresh and herbal (or don’t look like anything at all), and also don’t leave an oily or flaky mess all over the area I’m on. you applied it. My most-used CBD topical is TheraOne Revive CBD Body Balm Stick because it’s ultra-portable and residue-free, and really seems to help relieve pain in my joints when I use it. Charlotte’s Web Arthritis Pain and Pain Relief Ointment is another top pick of mine because it’s potent (600 milligrams per tube) and high in camphor and menthol for instant cooling and relief. .


Revive CBD Body Balm Stick


Arthritis pain and pain relief ointment

Have a case of Mondays

Your work environment is therefore a bit stressful. Extravagant, I know! In graduate school, my preferred option was to put Bailey’s in my coffee before heading to my hellish 8 a.m. class; now, if i need a little relief at work, CBD seltzers are the perfect thing. Not only are the cans quite discreet, but I tend to find that for me, CBD seltzers strike the perfect balance between staying focused and alert and “feeling it”. With flavors such as lemony basil and elderflower mint, TRIP drinks resemble drinking a spritz at a cocktail bar and are infused with 15 functional milligrams of CBD in addition to components such as chamomile, ginseng stimulating cognition and soothing L-theanine.


Mixed Pack of Elderflower Mint, Peach Ginger and Lemon Basil

Watch the new movie ‘Matrix’

Here, then, is where you could actually head for a more traditional cannabis experience. Dad Grass, maker of the CBD-rich joints and tinctures I mentioned earlier, also offers Mom Grass, CBG-rich joints (cannabigerol). Derived from hemp, CBG is the “mother molecule” or “mother” – get it? – cannabis that binds everything together. It’s stronger than CBD, but still isn’t psychoactive like the THC you ingest when burning your favorite regular pot strain. (Look at it this way: if CBD is Morpheus, CBG is Neo – more potent, but still friends and on the same team.) I like to smoke half of one of these babies at the end of a stressful day , or if I’m feeling physical pain, such as pain from a workout, I find it dissipates with each puff. When I enjoy Mom Grass, I really feel like I’m skating that fine line between a light buzz and a bit of a high. Anyway, I lit one the other day before I started The Matrix Resurrections on HBO and it totally ruled – I was freed from the pod-like mental prison of modern life and completely sucked into its total mind of an act one. I can also confirm from recent research that Mom Grass improves scenarios of station eleven, When Harry met Sally…and season four of Cobra Kai.

Dad Grass

Mom Grass Pre-Rolled Hemp CBG Twoobie™

Driving across the country to see “Dead and Company”

Next Dead and Co show.? To verify. Your favorite show from 1977 on cassette? Recheck. A car or a van to cross the country to see them at Red Rocks, or whatever? Triple check! If you’re hitting the road and want to soak up something that will help you relax while you cruise as a passenger, I suggest enjoying some of the broad spectrum peppermint flavored tincture of Lord Jones to take the edge off, yet stay sharp enough to get where you’re going. One dropper is a modest 10 milligrams, so it’s easy to customize your experience by taking a light or heavy dose. And before you jump in, make sure someone remembers to get Sun Chips.

Lord Jones

Hemp-Derived CBD Tinctures – 250mg (Broad Spectrum)

Read Miles Davis’ autobiography

I recently read Miles Davis’ autobiography, which was amazing and full of unfiltered observations and opinions on the world of jazz, hilarious and heartbreaking stories about colleagues and, of course, lots of enlightening information. about his illustrious career. Miles Davis lived his life a quarter mile at a time, and you should too, which is why I recommend maintaining (read: drinking like a regular person) Marz Brewing’s Tokyo Drift CBD Cold Brew, made with Bridgeport Coffee, while reading his book. You’ll be regaled with countless instances of Davis picking up and putting down heroin and coke, but I highly suggest avoiding them and sticking to those jitter-free coffee cans.

Marz Brewery

Marz Brewing Cafe CBD Tokyo Drift

Become one of those natural wine people

Do you remember when you discovered clove cigarettes when you were a teenager? It was around the same time you discovered Bob Dylan and Charles Bukowski. (And then you graduated to American Spirits and got into Lana Del Rey.) After that, you discovered pipe tobacco, experimental jazz, and vermouth. Now, as you rush into middle age, you’ve cut the tobacco. Don’t worry: you can continue to be “cool” by switching to Vance CBD cigarettes. Since they don’t contain tobacco or nicotine, my recommended use for these is to pair them with single origin coffee, Steely Dan on vinyl, Tao Lin’s latest novel, low intervention wine and playing frisbee in the park.

Vance Global

CBD Cigarettes: PURE

May your 2022 be full of sweet CBD-filled vibes.

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