Southern Tier Brewing Company Launches New 2X Factor Series

LAKEWOOD, New York – Southern Tier Brewing Company® doubles its high octane IPAs. After years of cult following for the iconic 2XIPA® craft beer, the brewery’s latest innovation is all-in on ‘2X’, unleashing a new platform called The 2X Factor. Combining Southern Tier’s relentless pursuit for over-the-top flavor with its passionate approach to craft beverages, The 2X Factor will launch with three new Double IPAs, all with bold new artwork under The 2X Factor banner, including a re-energized look for 2XIPA . To celebrate the launch, Southern Tier will launch a campaign encouraging fans to “Find Your 2X Factor”. The campaign will connect with fans on social media, commemorate The 2X Factor banner shown on the packaging with a custom felt banner created by fellow West New York manufacturer, Oxford Pennant, and partner to influencers who themselves have the 2X Factor.

Innovation is led by the remarkable 2XHAZE™, an 8.2% ABV Hazy Juicy Double IPA that embodies the 2X factor spirit that Southern Tier brews every day at its sprawling craft beverage facility in the heart of the beautiful Lake District. Chautauqua in New York. 2XHAZE gets its delicious, juicy, tropical flavor from a rigorous approach to brewing the ever-popular IPA style using three times the hops, dry hopped on an extended schedule compared to a standard IPA.

Joining 2XHAZE in the 2X Factor series are 2XCITRUS, a double fruit orange and grapefruit IPA and 2XPERIMENTAL, a crisp, fresh West Coast-style IPA that features experimental hops from Hop Breeding Company handpicked by the VP of Operations. of Southern Tier, Matt Dunn at the most recent hop harvest in the Pacific Northwest. The three beers join 2XIPA to create a one-of-a-kind Double IPA Variety Pack with four different 8.2% ABV IPAs, three of each, available in a single pack called The 2X Factor Double IPA Mixed Pack. The 2X Factor series is sure to appeal to beer drinkers who are increasingly interested in the range and depth of flavors that the IPA style has to offer, whether hazy, juicy, fruity, floral, excellent and beyond.

“Our goal has been the same since we built our first production facility and tasting room in 2002 – we want to bring great flavor and unique styles to anyone looking for a great drink,” said founder Phin DeMink. “Our door is always open, and we want people to know that if you’re up for something really, really special, whether it’s an extreme double IPA, a unique pumpkin ale, or even a smoked bourbon or whiskey Cinnamon Candy Apple, we’ll do the extra work and sweat in R&D and operations to make them available. That’s what drives us and that’s the 2X factor.

The 2X Factor Series, including the all-new 2XHAZE and 2X Factor Mixed Pack, is now available in cans and on draft at select outlets where craft beer is sold and poured throughout the East Coast, including Southern Tier Taprooms in Lakewood, NY, Buffalo, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland, OH and Charlotte, NC. For more information on The 2X Factor and to locate a store near you, visit Follow Southern Tier for the latest @STBCbeer social media news, alerts and experiences.

About Southern Tier Brewing Company

After several years of professional brewing experience in Chicago, founders Phineas and Sara DeMink had a vision to bring craft beers to an area rich in brewing heritage, but lacking in production breweries. Southern Tier Brewing Company® opened in 2002 in the lakeside town of Lakewood, New York, and has grown to become one of the leading craft beverage companies in the United States. Known for its great flavor and high quality, Southern Tier is the maker of America’s most beloved Pumpkin Beer, Pumking®, and Overpack’d®, one of the most popular craft beer variety packs in the States. -United. Across the street from the Southern Tier Brewery is the Southern Tier Distilling Company, where it produces ready-to-drink canned cocktails and high-strength spirits, including bourbon, whiskey, vodka, and gin. In 2014, Southern Tier joined the Artisanal Brewing Company family, which has since added Victory Brewing Company (Downingtown, PA), Sixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, NY), and Bold Rock Hard Cider (Nellysford, VA) to its portfolio. Southern Tier Dining locations offer a one-of-a-kind craft beer experience and are located in Lakewood as well as Buffalo, NY, Pittsburgh, PA Cleveland, OH and Charlotte, NC.

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