Some surprising “must-have” summer products predicted by Kaddy

Just like that, it’s November. So, we have to start talking about Christmas and 2023! Already! This festive season, without the threat of a lockdown disrupting plans, should be one more celebration.

What range decisions should a retailer or operator make? To assist, Simone Kealy of Kaddy dove into the Kaddy Marketplace sales numbers and made some predictions about what’s going to look good in your fridge AND sell a truck this festive season.

If someone is going to have inside information, it’s Kaddy, Australia’s #1 wholesale marketplace for beverage discovery, ordering and payment. With over 20,000 SKUs and 3,000 business buyers, Kaddy is the go-to platform for data-driven insights and orders.

However, we don’t just need Kaddy’s data to see early leaders – some of this summer’s biggest hits have already been crowned, especially in beer.

Although consumer tastes are becoming bolder and more experimental, the rise in popularity of lager this year should not be ignored. Just last month, Lager from White Bay Beer Co. won first place in the Independent Beer Awards (The Indies). Normal piles also had recent success with their Silent XPA winning ALIA’s top non-alcoholic product award and, as Kealy explains, it continues to be one of the best sellers of any beer on Kaddy.

Functional drinks are also on the rise in the “better for you” space on Kaddy Marketplace. New brand Mate Maker Co. is about to make waves with its organic hard kombuchas. Co-owned by Aussie electronica sensation SOIL RÜFÜSthese are based around green tea, real fruit and botanicals, with their Mango Peach Smash and Citrus Mule shaping up to be big hits this summer.

Dayse has been a popular addition to Kaddy Marketplace. Part of a growing trend of “functional drinks”, this line of non-alcoholic sprays includes nootropics and adaptogens to help you relax or calm down. Their flagship product–Sparkling rosé with rose and hibiscus, is as refreshing as it looks, and their two spritzes are perfect for easy-to-serve (and drinkable) options.

Speaking of sparkling, the Champagne Committee revealed this year that Australia is the sixth largest champagne importer in the world, with 10 million bottles arriving on our shores last year. Fizz is indeed sparkling on Kaddy Marketplace, with Kealy noting that sparkling sales have doubled in the past two months compared to the prior period.

As Kealy explains, there has been notable interest in sparkling rosé as the ultimate luxury summer drink. A successful product is the superb Champagne Laherte Frères Rosé from Meunier NV. This Pinot Meunier-based rose combines the charisma of the Champagne producer with an affordable price, plus it’s a beautiful glass of wine.

Finally, if you’re looking for the perfect base for a refreshing summer cocktail, or just a delicious frozen drink as a digestive, then head straight to Australia’s champion vermouth maker. royal thiefis the new Bold Aged Amaro. This special collaboration sees organic vermouth blended with local botanicals and some of the famous Crawley Syrupsthen aged in Starward whiskey barrels. The result upsets the traditional flavors of an amaro (and it’s really delicious).

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