Slovakia has seen the strongest growth among its fellow EU members – in beer production


In 2020, more than 203 million liters of alcoholic beer were produced in Slovakia.

Slovakia recorded the strongest growth among EU member states in beer production from 2019 to 2020.

Eurostat’s statistical office reported that while Germany remains the EU’s largest beer producer, Slovakia recorded the largest year-over-year increase in the production of beer containing beer. alcohol, reaching a total of 203 million liters of beer produced. This represents a 25 percent increase. Slovakia was followed by Greece, Lithuania and France with a 3% increase in beer production each.

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Published data indicates that in 2020 almost 32 billion liters of alcoholic beer were produced in the EU. In addition to this, Member States also produced 1.4 billion liters of beer with an alcohol content ranging from 0.5 to 0%.

Thus, the overall EU beer production in 2020 was 74 liters per capita.

In annual comparison with 2019, the overall production of alcoholic beer decreased by 8% in 2020 for the EU due to the pandemic, while the production of non-alcoholic beer remained stable.

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Among the Member States, the largest producer of alcoholic beer was Germany, producing 7.5 billion liters or 24% of all beer produced by the EU in 2020.

Behind Germany were Poland, producing 3.8 billion liters (12 percent of all beer produced in the EU), Spain (3.3 billion or 10 percent), the Netherlands ( 2.5 billion or 8 percent), France (2.1 billion or 7 percent), the Czech Republic (1.8 billion or 6%) and Romania (1.7 billion or 5%).

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