Products of the Week: Foldable Phones and Java Hot Sauce

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Every week, our inbox is overflowing with news on gear, apparel, and tech news from around the world. In this feature, we will analyze the best of them. Today: Samsung launches its all-new range of new-age flip phones, Uijo introduces a condiment for your coffee and Bowlus launches the world’s first all-electric Volterra VR.

Will Saunders/MEC

Drawing from its archives, Canadian outdoor brand MEC has remade a capsule of its classics in new eco-friendly fabrics – most pieces are made with recycled materials, from organic farming, certified fair trade or bluesign approved. Basically, it’s gear you can feel good in…and look good too.

the interior of an all-electric trailer


Billed as “the world’s first all-electric RV”, the Bowlus Volterra is indeed a luxury travel companion; with an EV emergency charger, AeroSolar charging technology, Starlink satellite internet, and a host of other features that make camping and traveling easier, it’s the future of durable trailers, for sure.

an Our Place Mini Pot and Pan on a gray background

our place

The cutest kitchen utensil duo we’ve ever seen. Internet favorite cookware brand Our Place has launched miniature versions of its best-selling Always Pan and Perfect Pot. Ideal when cooking for one person.

a William Ellery tote bag full of gear on a gray background

William Ellery

While William Ellery’s latest iteration of small-batch sick gear (designed in Brooklyn, NY no less) won’t be released until August 14th – that’s when you’ll have the chance to catch the functional bag Conch Beachcomber or the Spotters of the 70s. High contrast sunglasses – there is a ton of sick gear still available on the online store to help you out.

Maui Nui bone broth on a gray background


Ethically sourced by husband-and-wife team Jake and Kuulani Muise from a rare breed of deer that plagues Hawaii, Maui Nui Venison’s Spicy Bone Broth comes in a pack of eight 16-ounce bags, each containing 16 grams of protein. per serving. Prepared in small batches and cooled slowly to maximize nutrition, the broth is made from 100% wild venison and makes a perfect base for soup, stew or Chilli Bambi.

two photos of caramel-colored leather pants models

A kind of disguise

We currently don’t have $1,129 to spend on a single pair of bottoms. That being said, we’re seriously considering betting the house on red to stand a chance at the Sunderland leather pants, the shining star of A Kind of Guise’s already brilliant A/W22 collection. Crafted from soft buffalo suede and designed in a relaxed 5-pocket denim construction, they’re a gorgeous buttery grail from the Wild West that we need ASAP.

a product shot of Mr Black coffee liqueur pouring into a glass against a beige background

Mr Black

After limited-edition collaborations with Whistlepig Rye and Bundaberg Rum, our favorite coffee liqueur has teamed up with Ilegal Mezcal. Here, Mr. Black was rested for three months in the American oak barrels of Ilegal Mezcal; from there, the spirit was enriched with the liqueur with mezcal joven to bring out more of the agave notes. Available now online and in stores September 1st.

A pink foldable Samsung Galaxy phone on a gray background


Perhaps folding screens have finally made it into the mainstream. Samsung’s latest (there’s also a new flip variety) features a 6.2-inch cover screen… which, unfolded, measures 7.6 inches. With the exchange, you might be able to get it for as little as $800 – otherwise it’s still a high four-figure price, although it’s a stronger version than the good one. revised from last year’s Fold, and also sporting a better camera.

a token box decorated with a Paqui skull on a gray background


A hot (get it) item when first released six years ago, Paqui’s One Chip Challenge is back for 2022. This year’s edition is made with both Carolina’s Harvester and the scorpion peppers, and the heat is even higher with some added seasoning ingredients. While the chip will make eaters see red, it will turn your tongue blue if you’re brave enough to take on this year’s #OneChipChallenge.

a watch with a black dial and a silver body in a black case


A stylish watch collaboration inspired by the heritage of a stylish watch brand, in a sleek black-green colourway, with an elegant hidden “I AM PRESENT” lettering on the back. Too bad the Adsum x Timex MK1 sold out almost instantly – it would have made for a pretty stylish accessory.


The same trimmer for “out there” (but also other common areas of the body) now comes in a new ocean blue colorway. We suggest purchasing the travel package, which offers a water-resistant travel case and is 15% off with code OCEAN. The full mower review can be found here.

a ring encrusted with Homer's jewels on a gray background


You’re looking at a $25,000 cock ring. This piece of art was brought to us by Frank Ocean’s luxury jewelry and accessories company, and is a pretty piece for your dick, as it’s crafted from 18k yellow gold and plated with 60x lab grown diamonds.

a hand pouring Uijo coffee hot sauce into a cup on a white background


When news broke that Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Will Levis had added mayonnaise to his morning coffee for good luck since a big win last season, we thought it was weird. Ujjo designer Lauren D’Souza may have heard of Levis and said, “Hold my beer.” Based on a friend’s challenge, D’Souza came up with a garlic and vinegar-free hot sauce designed to add sweetness and heat to your morning java. Don’t knock until you try?

a model in a Porsche outfit wearing the new Tag Heuer Caliber E4 watch

Tag Heuer

We’ve covered the Caliber E4 extensively since its release in February, but that won’t stop us from gushing over the latest limited-edition release in collaboration with Porsche. Designed with bespoke integration specifically for owners of German-made luxury automobiles, the partnership also introduces a new black and blue aesthetic inspired by the all-electric Porsche Taycan. That’s wonderful !

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