Products of the week: Bose headphones, Box O’ Beer and Tiny Solo Stove

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Every week, our inbox is overflowing with news about gear, apparel, and tech news from around the world. In this feature, we will analyze the best of them. Today: Bose ditches the QuietComfort II to overthrow Apple, Dunkin returns with Harpoon Brewery for the fifth installation of Pumpkin Spice Ale, and Solo Stove releases the pint-sized Mesa.

Le Creuset Pumpkin Casserole

The Crucible

An adorable pumpkin-shaped Cocotte from Le Creuset, at nearly $400? Capitalism is really booming right now.

a filled Globe Trotter x Casablanca trunk on a blue background

Globe Trotter x Casablanca


Featuring aluminum vulcanized fiberboard and Casablanca’s signature bamboo handle, this reimagined six-piece collection from Globe-Trotter exudes luxury.

a pair of black Bose QuietComfort II headphones on a gray background

Bose QuiteComfort II headphones


The key to Bose’s new headphones – available for pre-order – is personalized sound and bespoke noise cancellation (which is world-class, like their headphones). Plus, the mics here filter out ambient noise.

tabletop mesa solo cooker on a table with people roasting marshmallows

Solo Mesa Stove

Stove alone

Everyone’s favorite bonfire pit has just been hit by the shrinking ray. That’s right, the Solo Stove now comes in a new pint-sized model, the Mesa, which is designed to fit on a table. A stand is included, so you won’t burn a hole in your tablecloth, but the fuel is not, although you can use wood or pellets to light this baby. There’s also another upgrade: the color palette. We love the bare stainless steel look of our standard version, but we say go for one of the five available colors if you choose this fiery pipsqueak.

a black hoodie from PRL featuring a Polo Bear graphic on a gray background

Bloomingdale’s 150th Anniversary Collection Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Fleece Hoodie


To celebrate its 150th anniversary, iconic retailer Bloomingdales has teamed up with a host of brands and labels like Polo Ralph Lauren, MCM, Versace and more for an incredible capsule, featuring over 300 one-of-a-kind exclusive styles. For our money, the standout piece is undoubtedly the signature Polo Bear Fleece Hoodie… but browse for yourself to find out.

A box of Harpoon x Dunkin' Box O' Beer

Harpoon Dunkin’ Box O’ Beer


For the past five years, Harpoon Brewery and Dunkin’ Donuts have collaborated on a series of beers with fall flavors. Beers include Harpoon Dunkin’ Pumpkin Spiced Latte Ale (with a new recipe) and three new beers, Harpoon Dunkin’ Cold Brew Coffee Porter, Harpoon Dunkin’ Hazelnut Blonde Stout and Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Roll Cream Ale.

Nano Ankle 3


Charge your phone, tablet or MacBook Air with these colorful and compact new USB-C chargers, which put 30W of power into a small brick that’s about 70% smaller than the usual 30W charger (with a bendable plug for to start up). Pair it with Anker’s new USB-C to Lightning cable, which is constructed from bio-based materials from plants like corn and sugarcane.

a Made In Skillet typeface on a light beige background

Made in a pre-seasoned carbon steel skillet.

Made in

A few years ago, we purchased one of Made In’s blue carbon steel frying pans. We found much to like, not much to complain about, and it still has a place in our kitchen. But the brand thought they could make the barrier to entry even lower for those new to carbon steel, so they now offer the pre-seasoned skillet. We went through the process of seasoning our skillet on arrival, but if you prefer your ready-to-cook cookware, then now is your chance to grab one. It’s lightweight, it’s durable, it’s pretty enough to hang over your kitchen island, and now it’s easier to use than ever.

a model training in a pair of NOBULL High-Top Trainers

NOBULL high-top trainer


NOBULL’s new high-top is the latest edition to the Trainer+ line which was released earlier this year. Strong with ankle support thanks to the high collar made from breathable SuperFabric material, these trainers feature an outsole tread pattern with deep grooves designed to provide traction for movement in all directions on the trails. interior and exterior surfaces. Good enough for the NFL Combine, sponsored by NOBULL, good enough for us.

NFL quarterback Patrikc Mahomes wearing Oakley sunglasses against a red background

Oakley Signature Series Patrick Mahomes II


Featuring gold and accents of red that nod to the colors of the Kansas City Chiefs, the third installment of Patrick Mahomes’ partnership with Oakley features four eyewear styles equipped with the eyewear manufacturer’s color-enhancing and contrast-enhancing Prizm lens technology. eyeglasses. Two of the styles – the Sutro Ti and the Kato – have already been released, and the last two will be released at the end of the month.

a pumpkin spice liqueur against fall foliage

Ironton Pumpkin Spice Liqueur


“Pie in a bottle.” This pumpkin spice liqueur — made from real pumpkins — comes from this Denver distillery, which suggests putting your coffee or even your pumpkin pie on. We… are not suggesting either.

a white and black circular standing speaker on a living room background

OEPLAY speaker


This self-contained Bluetooth speaker is a self-proclaimed “one-eyed aesthetic monster” that delivers rich, room-filling sound and a powerful AMT tweeter. Crowdfunded in just one hour, the OEPLAY is currently on sale during pre-orders and ships in November.

The Our Place Shabbat Set on a wooden table

Our Place Shabbat Set

our place

Complete with Our Place’s recently released multipurpose oven pan (a kitchen utensil we’re a bit obsessed with right now), a handcrafted-in-Mexico challah cover, and two natural beeswax candlesticks, the brand’s The Internet’s favorite cookware collection has everything you need for the perfect Sabbath celebration.

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