Port City Brewing Company Honors Foreign Woman October 14 with New Brew

The tomb of the foreign woman in Saint-Paul cemetery. It reads: In memory of a STRANGER whose mortal suffering ended on October 14, 1816/23 years and 8 months old / This stone is placed here by her inconsolable / Husband in whose arms she sighed his last breath, and who, under God, did everything possible to appease the cold and dead ear of death / As I loved how much once valued does not serve you / To who told or by whom begotten / A heap of dust only remains of you / That is all you are and all the proud will be / To him all the prophets have testified that by his name whoever believes in him will receive the remission of sins / Acts. 10th chap. 43rd verse. (Photo Grace Billups Arnold)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Heard about the foreign woman? Its history has been a legend of Alexandria for over 200 years. The only facts are that she died on October 14 (could be 1816, as inscribed on her gravestone, or 1818, which appears in a newspaper article) and her remains are buried in the Episcopal Cemetery of Saint Paul.

She visited the city with her husband, fell ill and died at the City Hotel despite the help of a doctor. Historians have never been able to identify it, although there are many theories. The Gadsby Tavern Museum has long attempted to solve the mystery, made even more difficult as there is no record of his stay at the hotel.

Every October 14, in memory of the Foreign Woman, there is a feast. This year, Port City Brewing Company will present its Long Black Veil® beer. Stop by, get picked up, or get curbside delivery from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Port City Brewing will donate $ 1 to Gadsby’s Tavern for every 16 oz. to pay. A Rocklands Barbeque food truck will be on site.

Port City Brewing Company is located at 3950 Wheeler Ave.

About the Gadsby Tavern Museum

While America began as a nation in the late 18th century and emerged in the 19th century, Gadsby Tavern was the center of social and political life in Alexandria as well as the new federal city of Washington. The tavern was the premier gathering place for residents – including George Washington – and visitors to eat, drink, learn, and influence history. Tavern keepers John Wise and John Gadsby held balls, shows, and meetings, and their accommodations were known as the best by travelers from near and far. The Gadsby Tavern Museum is located at 134 North Royal Street in the heart of Old Town Alexandria and is owned and operated by the City of Alexandria. For more information, please call 703.746.4242 or visit www.gadsbystavern.org.

About Port City Brewing Company

Founded in February 2011 by Bill and Karen Butcher, Port City Brewing Company is an award-winning brewery serving and shipping beer to DC and the Mid-Atlantic market. Port City brews a range of beers year round, along with an exciting list of seasonal, occasional and special beers, each with a unique twist. The brewery’s mission is to be a reliable and innovative brewer of delicious, well-balanced beers that celebrate their raw materials. The oldest operating brewery in metropolitan Washington, DC, Port City offers regular tastings, tours and events at state-of-the-art facilities, located in the historic PORT CITY of Alexandria, Virginia. For more information on Port City Brewing Company, visit portcitybrewing.com or follow @portcitybrew.

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