Paname Brewing Company develops beer to help you regain your sense of smell

Created by the Parisian advertising agency L’Associé with the Paname Brewing Company, a new series of beers has been designed with the specific aim of helping people suffering from anosmia. Entitled Beer Therapy, the beers are now on sale in bars in the French capital, as well as in the two establishments that the brewery has in the city.

Paname Brewing Company’s limited-edition line draws direct inspiration from studies of rehabilitating smell, which reveal that regularly smelling a familiar scent can help restore senses.

“We read articles on olfactory training. The idea that you pick a favorite scent and smell it every day, to recycle your nose. And we said to ourselves, a favorite perfume? It looks like beer, ”say Creative Directors Mark Forgan and Jamie Standen. “Usually the brand briefs the agency, but this time it’s the agency that briefs the brewers. We really pushed them to make beers as aromatic as possible, ”adds Gilles Rivollier, founder of L’Associé.

In collaboration with the agency, the brewers have created three beers with exceptionally strong scents: DDH Session NEIPA (orchard and tropical fruits, with a touch of lemongrass); Pineapple Peach Sour Gose (pineapple and peach with a light bite of lemon); and Imperial DDH Fruit IPA (blood orange and kalamansi, with flavors of citrus and pine). The cans then contain simple instructions for the drinker to inhale the smell of the drink by imagining what it represents, in order to retrain his brain.

“Aromas are an integral part of appreciating a beer. We wanted to help beer lovers regain their sense of smell, so they can enjoy all the facets that a well-brewed beer has to offer, ”adds Michael Kennedy, co-founder of Paname Brewing Company. But, he adds, “everyone can benefit from our Beer Therapy line, whether or not they have lost their sense of smell. The aromatic style is very popular right now and with good reason.

Agency / Production: The Associate
Founder, Creative Director: Gilles Rivollier
Creative Directors: Mark Forgan, Jamie Standen
Artistic Director: Chloé Camille
Artistic Direction Assistant: Manon Escarrat

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