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Great Central Brewing Company commemorates Oktoberfest with limited edition Festzelt beer

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Chicago, Illinois – Great Central Brewing Company, a Chicago-based collaborative brewer for brands like Middlebrow, Pollyanna, Cruz Blanca, Old Irving, Maplewood and Illuminated Brew Works, celebrates its tasting room’s fourth anniversary with the launch of its limited-edition Oktoberfest beer baptized the Festzelt.

With an ABV of 5.7%, the Festzelt uses a Vienna Malt to create a slight caramel taste and bring out the underlying bread notes. Oktoberfest beer pairs well with the season while retaining the crisp, clean, drinkable flavor and quality that Great Central is known for.

In addition to using ingredients imported directly from Germany, Festzelt is brewed using a decoction process, a traditional method of brewing German beer, to promote superior foam and flavor.

Because the company’s anniversary coincides with the Oktoberfest season, they are celebrating the Festzelt and four years of success with an Oktoberfest-inspired event. From noon to 9 p.m. on Saturday, October 9, guests can stop by the Great Central taproom at 221 N. Wood Street in Chicago’s Fulton Market district to sample authentic German-style beer, Bavarian cuisine, live music and a Lederhosen competition. There will also be a 50/50 raffle with half of the proceeds going to Alliance for the Great Lakes, whose mission is to provide safe drinking water to everyone.

In order to attend the event, customers will be required to provide either a COVID-19 vaccination card showing their fully vaccinated status or proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours prior to October 9 to be admitted.

“Oktoberfest is a consecrated tradition in Germany. This celebration coincides with the anniversary of our own brewery and the release of our seasonal beer, Festzelt, a German-style Oktoberfest. What better way to celebrate another year than to come together with our community at Great Central for an Oktoberfest inspired event, ”said CEO and Co-Founder David Avram.

Not only is the Festzelt available on tap at some local restaurants such as Gino’s East, Kaiser Tiger, Lucky Dorr, Roots Pizza on Dearborn and 2Twenty2 Tavern, but individual cans are also available for purchase at various craft beer stores and food markets across Chicago. , namely Beermiscuous, Bitter Pops, Beer Temple, Fresh Marketplace, Joe’s Wine Cellar, and Green Grocer, priced at $ 9.99 for four 16-ounce cans. It will only be available until the beginning of November, so be sure to try it out while it’s available!

About Great Central Brewing Company

Great Central Brewing Company is a collaborative brewery that helps brew a wide variety of craft drinks for growing brands, while brewing their own line of authentic German-style beers. Brewing great, timeless beers with no trends, the Great Central Brewing Company celebrates a classic Chicago attitude: work hard, be kind to each other, and share a beer with your neighbors every now and then. Established in 2015 with a love of beer and a desire to contribute to the craft beer community, Great Central Brewing Company is dedicated to keeping the spirit of ingenuity born in Chicago and living around the world. With the Great Central Train Station as its namesake, this local brewery and brewery honors its ‘grand central’ heritage with everything they create.

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The future GEA ‘Brewery 4.0’ brewing process

By Brewing process

This will result in continuous processing and separation of the mash in double decanters, a faster fermentation and maturation process and quality assurance with just-in-time production and digitization.

“Continuous brewery”

Although the process is unusual for European consumers, it is a standard process in other parts of the world: beer in Asia, Africa and South America is brewed from rice, corn and sorghum or starchy root vegetables such as cassava or cassava.

As part of its “Brewery 4.0”, GEA says it wants to help customers stay competitive in the years to come and generate flexibility throughout the supply chain.

She is currently working on the concept of a “continuous brewery” where brand changes are possible.

Dr Rudolf Michel, Head of Development, Beverage and Beer Production, GEA, told BeverageDaily that the Brewery 4.0 concept expects fermentation and maturation to accelerate even more in the future.

Processing times of four days or less can already be achieved using continuous fermentation“, did he declare.


In breweries of various brands, conventional fermentation and maturation in vats should also be possible with significantly shorter occupancy times without any loss of quality thanks to suitable processing techniques and yeast strains..

In this case, however, the most important beer quality sensors – the brewer’s nose and palate – would no longer be sufficient. Much more measurement technology and laboratory evaluations should be planned

As part of an ongoing development project, GEA is developing a method for handling big data as part of Brewery 4.0 throughout the supply chain, from raw materials for mash brewing to final product and just in time delivery.

The digitization of the process steps means that brewers always have large amounts of data available, in the future on multiple batches. We need to condense them wisely and convert them into automated orders», Added Michel.

Mid and long term trend analyzes can be used to increase the efficiency and availability of the system for our customers.

We want to define early on the benefits of an IT-assisted brewing environment to tie the level of process control from production technology to the operating level, including storage, delivery and ordering..

The art is to judiciously qualify big data and transform it into specific production actions. At the moment we are looking for a cooperation partner for our development team

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Fort Smith Brewing Company celebrates four years in business

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Tucked away steps from Fort Chaffee, in a white warehouse-like building, is Fort Smith’s first craft brewery since the 1990s.

Located at the end of a long drive off Fort Chaffe Boulevard, guests are greeted by large black letters indicating the “Fort Smith Brewing Co” building.

Once inside, BC, a beloved white house cat, often basks on the cedar-colored floors of the brewery, surrounded by beer-drinking people with names like George McGill Amber or Dat Nguyen Stout – including many are named after the famous Fort Smithians.

What was once an idea that floated in the early 2010s is now a staple in the community as it celebrates four years in business on Saturday.

From getting involved in local politics to learning the most appealing types of beer, Quentin Willard has learned more than he expected since the brewery opened with Brooke Elder, Micah Spahn and Brennan Nugent in 2017.

Residents of River Valley are fans of lighter, more fruity beers, Willard said.

The brewery has a collection of such beers, including their light and crunchy Trailblazer IPA, sweet Raspberry Pale Ale, and refreshing, smooth Apricot Summer Kolsch. They also offer options for those with more robust taste buds, including the somber “Bill” Bradford’s Porter, the Summer Sour EP, and the brewery’s only stout named for Dat Nguyen.

The community is the first to Fort Smith Brewing Co. and the beer names are just a part of it.  The brewery has a collection of beers, including their Trailblazer IPA, Dat Nguyen Stout,

“We have a lot of other things for other people who are just trying to dive into it, to learn it,” Willard said. “I am very proud that we were able to offer a little something for everyone.”

Customers can also grab a quick bite from the daily brasserie menu that includes pulled pork sandwiches or nachos, beer kids, and chicken tacos.

For Fort Smith Brewing Co., it’s not just about delivering a good product.

During its four years of operation, Fort Smith Brewing Co. created what local pastor Steven Kurtz called a “community waterhole.”

As a new pastor in the area, Kurtz found the business while looking for a brewery to work with. He and a friend reached out to start Beer and Hymns, a business staple for years now.

“It’s a wonderful place with a family atmosphere,” Kurtz said.

That connection became Pints ​​with a Pastor night on the second Thursday of each month, where patrons can come and speak with Kurtz in an open and authentic way that they might not be able to do during a church service.

Todd Clouse questions his empty glass alongside Will Arnold as they enjoy their Wednesday night drinks.

There is now a Pints ​​with Priest event on the last Thursday of every month, Willard said.

“We work with anyone really in the community who wants a voice or a space to share ideas,” said Willard.

For Andelyn Wright, who moved to Fort Smith when her husband was reassigned to 188 Wing about six years ago, the brewery has become a place to go after softball games or meet friends.

“This is the environment that everyone is looking for,” Wright said. “This place where you can be with friends and know the owner.”

The welcoming spirit of the brewery extends to the community.

The Fort Smith Brewing Co. recently helped host a luncheon for the 142nd Soldiers returning from New Orleans where they helped clean up Hurricane Ida, said Wright, soldier and family readiness specialist. for the Arkansas National Guard.

Last spring, the company hosted drive-through movie nights as a way for people to get out of the house safely during the onset of the pandemic.

“I really appreciated the way they went out of their way during the pandemic to provide ways to keep the community together,” Kurtz said.

With four years to its credit, the brewery has big plans for the future. Willard said they had recently started canning their products and hoped to expand into other areas as the craft beer scene in the River Valley grows.

David Derry, manager of the brewery, brews a beer on Wednesday September 22.

As the brewery prepares to celebrate this Saturday and looks to the future, Willard said the hometown goal will remain the same.

“The community will always be number one,” Willard said. “This is where we have set up shop and we want to make sure that Fort Smith is successful and that [the] River Valley is a success. “

The Fort Smith Brewing Co. will celebrate this weekend with a “Cheers and Beers” event on Saturday.

From noon onwards, customers are invited to join the brewery for games, food and “obviously lots of good beer”.

Abbi Ross is the town’s reporter for the Southwest Times Record. She can be reached at aross @ swtimes or on Twitter at @__AbbiRoss

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Pizza company launches pizza made from spent grains from beer production

By Beer production

A Yorkshire pizza company has launched a pizza that uses spent grains from beer production to make “healthier” and more nutritious products.

The Homemade Pizza Club claims that using beer dregs doubles the fiber content and increases the protein content of pizza bases by around 14%, while reducing calories by 22% and providing 20% ​​less sodium .

It also argues that it is more sustainable, allowing the company to tap some of the 250 million tonnes of depleted grain that is typically thrown away or used as a feed supplement for livestock due to its high protein content.

He claims the Healthy Pizza is a major innovation for the industry as the first HFSS-free tomato-topped pizza base (no high fat, salt and sugar) that is available to customers online.

Homemade Pizza Club founder James Sturdy said the company was inspired by the need to improve the nutritional content of pizza and move to a more circular economy without compromising on taste.

“Healthier products are often seen as a compromise or less like a treat, [but] with the Healthy, we’ve created a product that we believe delivers everything people love about eating pizza while making it much healthier, ”he said.

“The future of food lies not only in improving nutrition, but also in reducing waste and Le Salubre also ticks this box by reusing the spent grains from the brewing process. This means a highly nutritious food source that goes back into human consumption which is otherwise thrown away or sent for animal feed.

Brewers’ spent grain (BSG) is a by-product of the brewing industry that is created after the grain has been malted (soaked, sprouted and gently cooked) and then crushed to extract protein, sugar, and nutrients. The resulting liquid can be dried to stabilize it and give it more longevity and turned into flour.

Drain accounts for around 85% of brewing waste, although it is a valuable source of phenolic compounds, with antioxidant, anti-free radical, anti-carcinogenic and anti-apoptotic properties, according to the scientific journal Frontiers.

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Unsung Brewing Company – Delivery Driver / Sales Support – Beverage Industry Job Offer

By Brewing company

Our delivery / sales assistants are essential to our business as they are the essential link between our customers and our products. Delivery / Sales Assistants collect and deliver Craft Alcoholic Beverages to accounts, collect payments and build relationships with our retail and beverage customers while providing the highest quality customer service possible. They are also an essential part inside the brewery when it comes to inventory and protocol to maintain accurate information in our systems.

Essential functions of the position:

  • Create an efficient delivery route to ensure that most products can be delivered as quickly and safely as possible every day.
  • Maintain the inventory and order of beer in the cold store.
  • Help with packaging beer in kegs / cans / etc.
  • Maintain an open and direct line of communication with sales and operations teams to provide general knowledge and areas of opportunity.
  • Choose, check and deliver beer kegs and crates, of various weights, to and from our beverage customers in a professional manner.
  • Physically load and unload products weighing up to 170 lbs. during the day.
  • Use software for billing and accuracy of deliveries.
  • Complete and submit all required documents, invoices, press sheets and cash / checks within the appropriate time frame.
  • Represent Unsung Brewing at festivals and promotional events.
  • Maintain good lifting and safe driving practices.
  • Follow all vehicle operations, safety and accident protocol.
  • Maintain vehicle cleanliness and report all vehicle maintenance issues.

Skills and experience:

  • Knowledge of craft beer and a desire to learn
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to build positive relationships with clients
  • Ability to communicate clearly with the team on a daily and urgent basis
  • Ability to work in a physically demanding role
  • Ability to drive a vehicle safely for long periods of time
  • Excellent work ethic with a positive attitude
  • Ability and desire to comply with all company security policies
  • Extremely organized and reliable
  • Attention to detail, time management and the ability to focus in a fast paced work environment
  • Take initiatives
  • Can operate computer programs and have mastery of inventory
  • Ability to contribute to the team with ideas and creative thinking
  • Ability to use and operate a forklift (if not certified, we can provide)

Minimum skills:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Must have a safe driving record
  • Valid California Driver’s License
  • Minimum high school diploma or GED
  • The driver is subject to indoor and outdoor environmental conditions

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Cicerone Level 1 – Certified Beer Server Certification (required within 30 days of hire)
  • TIPS Certification – Training in intervention procedures (mandatory within 30 days of hiring)
  • Customer service, beer and / or other beverage retail, warehouse, delivery driving experience

Schedule / Pay:

  • Mainly on weekdays with a few weekend days if needed for festivals
  • Over 30 hours / week gradually increasing to 40 hours / week with a limited amount of overtime
  • Working hours may vary, some early mornings (5 am-6am) required
  • Succession planning: opportunities for sales representative, logistics manager

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $ 13.00 – $ 15.00 per hour

COVID-19 Considerations:
All employees should be fully immunized and masked during working hours inside the brewery and when interacting with customers.

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Delahunt Brewing Company – Regional Market Development Manager – Craft Beer Job Listing

By Brewing company

Delahunt Brewing Company – Regional Market Development Manager – Craft Beer Job Offer |

Delahunt Brewery

Apply for this job

Delahunt Brewing Company is looking for a Regional Manager of Market Development. This position aims to strengthen and expand our presence as a regional brewery. We are an award-winning production brewery in San Clemente, excited to develop and expand our brand and are looking for someone to help us integrate the distribution and exports of our beer as well as relationship management. existing distribution.

The ideal candidate will have experience building brands in our regional market and have a deep understanding of how to create a footprint in the brewing market. The development and implementation of marketing programs will be a component of the position. The existing distribution and sales contacts in place are a definite plus.

Remuneration according to experience.

Please send your curriculum vitae.

Apply for this job

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Gastonia’s Cavendish Brewing Co. increases craft beer production

By Beer production

After more than four years of brewing and canning beers one at a time, Scott Cavendish has added a canning machine that will make the process at Cavendish Brewing Co. 10 times faster.

Workers will go from a canning capacity of just 300 beers per day to more than 3,000 beers per day, Cavendish said.

Cavendish Brewing Co. sent its first set of Cowboy Water American Light Lager through the canning line, then labeling, then into the hands of customers last month.

“This is the first beer to go through the canning machine and we’re all set to can 150 cases of beer on our first draw,” Cavendish said.

Economic news: Brewery buys downtown Mount Holly restaurant

Cavendish had a mountain of 6,000 aluminum cans ready to fill with North Carolina craft beer.

“During COVID, we canned 30,000 cans of beer one can at a time on a crowler machine,” Cavendish said.

Head Brewer Dennis Howell works on Cavendish Brewing Co.'s new canning line on Friday afternoon, August 27, 2021.

A canned version of a growler, a crowler makes beer easy to canning and on the go. But the process can be difficult for workers filling beers to the point where they can barely move their hands, Cavendish said.

“It was either buying a machine or everyone was going to quit,” he joked.

The machine cost Cavendish $ 40,000. He described it as super advanced with sensors everywhere, adding that it can purge the can of carbon dioxide, a process that helps the beer stay fresher in the can for longer. The machine also rinses the outside of the box before and after adding content, Cavendish said.

Cavendish Brewing Co. was left without customers during parts of the pandemic. Without customers in the establishment’s taproom, located at the intersection of US 321 and Long Avenue, the brewery lost 80% of its activity.

“And then the other 20% were selling kegs to bars that were now all closed and none of them were buying beer,” Cavendish said.

Owner, Managing Director and Brewmaster Scott Cavendish puts a label on a can of Cowboy Water American Lager right next to the Cavendish Brewing Co. canning line on Friday afternoon, August 27, 2021.

The new canning machine offers interesting perspectives for the brewery. When staff filled boxes by hand, the process was slow and cost $ 1 in labor for each box filled, Cavendish said.

“If you think of each case with $ 24 of labor to do it, you can’t sell the cases for much more than that,” Cavendish said.

Earlier this year: The latest name of the South Fork Brew project in the Gaston Brewery game

Cavendish beers will now make their way to various other establishments. Cavendish said he has already ordered 40 cases of cans. The beer will be distributed to Gastonia as well as to Charlotte.

Aside from some craft beers, Cavendish beers are made with North Carolina ingredients and by North Carolina locals.

“If you buy our local beer, most of it goes here in Gastonia,” he said.

While he may be biased, Cavendish said the best beer in town comes from Cavendish Brewing Co. The brewery has won nine gold medals for its beers in the past.

Beer lovers can expect to see a tropical IPA, October party, and pumpkin ale on the market soon.

You can reach Kevin Ellis at 704-869-1823 or email him at [email protected]

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Queen Máxima visits a beer brewery in Limburg and experiences the brewing process – Royal Central

By Brewing process

On Thursday, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands visited the Gulpener brewery in Limburg, where she was able to experience first-hand what it is like to work in the industry.

Her Majesty was able to experience the entire job, from picking the beer ingredients in the field (such as hops, wheat, rye and barley) to the fermentation process.

Throughout her experience, the queen was accompanied by the director of Gulpener Bierbrouwerij (or “beer brewery” in English) Jan-Paul Rutten.

The visit was made because the facility won the 2020 Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award from the King Willem I Foundation, of which Her Majesty is the patron.

During the facility tour she received, Queen Máxima discussed the company’s innovative approach to sustainability both in its brewing process and in sourcing its raw materials. , which, according to the director, are preferred by local farmers and are paid at fair prices.

But Her Majesty was also listening to a much more heart-wrenching reality, as Director Rutten laid on the table data showing the devastating toll of the company’s global shutdown. Since the Gulpener Brewery mainly serves the catering industry, when bars and restaurants had to close their turnover fell sharply, causing Gulpener two consecutive years of financial losses.

Not only was the pandemic that hit them, but the brewery was also in the middle of one of the areas most affected by the floods that hit the Netherlands earlier this year.

On that note, director Rutten acknowledged that Queen Máxima’s visit should have taken place before but that flooding prevented the event from happening. However, he took the opportunity to thank Her Majesty for her visit and said that this visit and the award are “the crown jewel of our work” and that, despite all adversities, the Queen’s visit should be a time of celebration.

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Brewing company WI creates obstructionism-themed beer, with part of the proceeds going to remove Senator Johnson from office

By Brewing company

MINOCQUA, Wisconsin (WFRV) – A northern Wisconsin brewery with a neighboring population of just under 4,500 is using part of its profits to try to get State Senator Ron Johnson to resign.

The Minocqua Brewing Company, which describes itself as a “Progressivebeer” brewer, has created a beer called “Filibuster Ale – Must be Quaffed before 2022”. The is a nutty dark beer with a colorful, politically inspired label.

In the brewery’s Facebook post describing the label, the right side of the label features “filberts” (which represent a hazelnut) wearing red ties and allegedly screaming and yelling about the “big lie” (referring to to Donald Trump’s declaration regarding the 2020 election) while a “Democratic donkey” destroys the Republican playbook. In this case, the playbook represents the systematic obstruction. It is also mentioned that the label is ambitious.

Anyone who buys the beer or the merchandise will indirectly contribute to the brewery’s super CAP. 5% of all profits from their brewery would go to impeach Senator Johnson and try to replace him with a progressive candidate who gets rid of the filibuster.

Minocqua Brewing Company told Local 5 that it has raised over $ 200,000 from the super PAC and the owner has already spent over 100,000 on billboards and radio advertisements calling on them. Republicans of Wisconsin.

Filibuster Ale should be on the shelves in the state of Wisconsin, from Superior to Kenosha. A full list of locations can be found on the Minocqua Brewing Company website.

The brewery owner also mentioned that all of their beers are in high demand and they are doing their best to keep up with production.

Senator Johnson has yet to say whether he will run for a third term for the vacant seat in 2022. Several Democratic candidates have announced their campaign which includes a Milwaukee Bucks executive, a millennial leader and the lieutenant governor of Wisconsin.

Minocqua Brewing Company also brews other politically inspired beers, including:

  • Biden beer
  • ‘la – A Vice Presidential Stout
  • IPA Cards Show
  • Bernie brew
  • Tammy shandy
  • Evers Ale

Minocqua is located just over 160 miles north of Green Bay.

A full list of beers brewed by Minocqua Brewing Company can be found on their website.

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Slovakia has seen the strongest growth among its fellow EU members – in beer production

By Beer production

In 2020, more than 203 million liters of alcoholic beer were produced in Slovakia.

Slovakia recorded the strongest growth among EU member states in beer production from 2019 to 2020.

Eurostat’s statistical office reported that while Germany remains the EU’s largest beer producer, Slovakia recorded the largest year-over-year increase in the production of beer containing beer. alcohol, reaching a total of 203 million liters of beer produced. This represents a 25 percent increase. Slovakia was followed by Greece, Lithuania and France with a 3% increase in beer production each.

Slovaks also want new varieties and tastes of beer Read more

Published data indicates that in 2020 almost 32 billion liters of alcoholic beer were produced in the EU. In addition to this, Member States also produced 1.4 billion liters of beer with an alcohol content ranging from 0.5 to 0%.

Thus, the overall EU beer production in 2020 was 74 liters per capita.

In annual comparison with 2019, the overall production of alcoholic beer decreased by 8% in 2020 for the EU due to the pandemic, while the production of non-alcoholic beer remained stable.

How to brew beer: this tiny brewery lets visitors see for themselves Read more

Among the Member States, the largest producer of alcoholic beer was Germany, producing 7.5 billion liters or 24% of all beer produced by the EU in 2020.

Behind Germany were Poland, producing 3.8 billion liters (12 percent of all beer produced in the EU), Spain (3.3 billion or 10 percent), the Netherlands ( 2.5 billion or 8 percent), France (2.1 billion or 7 percent), the Czech Republic (1.8 billion or 6%) and Romania (1.7 billion or 5%).

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