Oil, flour and hygiene products see biggest price increases, analysis finds

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ZAGREB, June 28, 2022 – Oil and flour prices increased the most among food products in Croatia in 2022, alongside those of various hygiene items, according to an analysis by Ja Trgovac magazine.

According to the analysis of the price development of the 150 main categories of food and other basic necessities, the price of edible oil increased the most among food products (+33%) compared to the first four months. of 2021.

Next come flour (+27%), frozen meat products (+25%), milk (+21%) and isotonic sports drinks (+20%).

Some products did not increase in price, such as alcohol, beer, chocolate bars, sausages, iced teas, dried baby food, cocoa and ready-made sauces.

The analysis also shows that some prices have fallen, such as baby drinks (-8%), baby herbal teas (-12%), vinegars (-5%), chilled desserts and frozen baked goods ( -3%).

Are actions created?

The quantity of oil sold increased (+10%), which could indicate that consumers are stocking up. In addition to oil, the amount of packaged bread and toast, pasta and fresh meat sold has also increased.

However, sales fell for most products whose price increased, such as milk, cheese and coffee (-7%), ice cream (-10%) and frozen meat products (-17%).

Beer and cider recorded a drop in sales (-17%), as did wine (-8%) and energy drinks (-13%).

For non-food items, the price of razors increased the most (+30%), followed by towels (+23%), aftershave (+16%), laundry detergents (+15%) , etc.

The price of sanitary napkins and tampons, baby wipes, deodorants, facial cleansers have not increased in price.

Price drops were recorded for toilet deodorizers, stain removers and hairsprays, attributed to brand name discount sales.

Despite significant price increases, sales of deodorants, toilet paper, shower gels, face wipes, conditioners and some other facial cleansers and care products have increased.

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