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Press release from the Office of Rep. Jared Huffman:

Today, Representative Jared Huffman (CA-02) introduced a bill to enshrine the right of small cannabis producers to ship and sell their products directly to consumers. The Small Independent Producers Act (SHIP) would allow small farmers and producers to operate their agricultural businesses within and across state lines. The legislation is specifically aimed at supporting smaller family farmers and giving them certainty to support their businesses as part of a larger federal legalization law.

“Too often the federal government falls behind and the wheels of Congress move too slowly to keep pace with a changing economy,” Rep. Huffman said. “Under my bill, people in our state will be able to ship their products directly to consumers when the antiquated federal prohibition on cannabis is finally repealed. As large commercial cannabis farms crowd local growers out of the market, this legislation is essential for farmers to survive and grow their small businesses. We cannot leave our smallest family farmers behind under full legalization. »

What the fans are saying

“The direct-to-consumer model is a necessary resource for any small-scale craft community deeply connected to the land on which they create – whether producing wine, whiskey, cheese, beer, cannabis or honey,” said Genine Coleman, executive director of the Origins Council. “The legacy cannabis community that has worked in the shadows for so long should be given the opportunity to join the ranks of other craft growers across the United States and enjoy the privilege of connecting personally with their adult customers. As is always the case with every step cannabis takes towards legality, the community as a whole should reap enormous benefits from the process.

“For small-scale artisan producers in almost any setting, direct-to-consumer shipping is the essential tool that allows a diverse market to survive and thrive. Cannabis is no different,” said Ross Gordon, policy director of the Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA) and policy chair of the Origins Council. “The SHIP Act moves the conversation beyond who can get a license to grow cannabis and into the practical reality of building a fair and accessible market for small cannabis growers.”

“As a cannabis grower and family farmer located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, I see the direct-to-consumer retail route as the only future for my small farm, and indeed – for all rural communities like the mine whose cultural heritage is rooted in artisanal cannabis cultivation and artisanal medicine making,” said Karla Avila, owner and operator of Flowerdaze Farm in Trinity County and executive director of the Trinity County Agriculture Alliance.

“The Parabola Center is proud to approve the SHIP Act – the first federal marijuana bill we have ever approved. It is the only legislation to date that shifts cannabis policy beyond the Big Tobacco model of industry domination and towards the craft cannabis model that benefits both small businesses and consumers. said Shaleen Title, founder of the Parabola Center for Law and Policy.

The bill is co-sponsored by Earl Blumenauer (OR-03), co-chair and founder of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus.

It is endorsed by the Origins Council, Humboldt Country Growers Alliance, FARMS Inc, Washington Sun & Craft Growers Association, Vermont Growers Association, Maine Craft Cannabis Association, Farm Bug Co-Op, Big Sur Farmers Association, Nevada County Cannabis Alliance, Mendocino Cannabis Alliance, Trinity County Agricultural Alliance and Sonoma County Growers Alliance.

The full text of this legislation is available here.

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