Kopparberg and Black Sheep Brewery announce new products

What’s your twist?

Topping the list of new products this week is Swedish premium beverage brand, Kopparberg, with the launch of its new summer service, Kopparberg Twist.

Launched exclusively at Marston venues, Kopparberg Twist, best served chilled, consists of 2 base parts of Kopparberg’s Strawberry & Lime Gin, Vodka or Cherry Rum, 6 parts lemonade, a pinch of club soda and 1 tsp syrup flavored with strawberry or cherry.

Marston’s flagship venues, the Lion & Snake in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and Boundary Stone Worsley, Greater Manchester, will be the first to launch the new creation, ranging from £5.75-£7.00 a glass and £11.50 at £14.00 per pitcher subject to band pricing per pitch, June 2-3 and June 4-5 respectively.

Kopparberg will be on hand at both venues throughout Jubilee weekend with feel-good music alongside the new service as well as installing buzzers on tables for consumers to listen in for a chance to get your hands on a Kopparberg Spin the Pitcher for free for the duration of the event.

To share with friends in pitchers, Kopparberg Twist is both fruity and refreshing. what’s your twist?

Urchin Spirits announces two new Whiskeys

Fluke and Scorch

Urchin Spirits has announced two new drinks distributed exclusively by Proof Drinks in the UK, Lucky Sod (29% ABV) and Scorch (29% ABV), two innovative whiskey-based liqueurs aimed at shaking up the shots category.

Both Lucky Sod and Scorch were specifically designed to appeal to non-traditional whiskey drinkers, with demographics valuing on-trend flavors, smoother taste and lower ABV percentage.

Lucky Sod is an Irish whiskey liqueur offering caramel, toffee and vanilla flavors while Scorch is a Scotch whiskey liqueur with a nod to the classic Old Fashioned cocktail, but with added hints of candied blood orange , sweet vanilla and chilli.

Although best enjoyed straight, Lucky Sod and Scorch can be enjoyed in a wide range of mixed drinks.

Proof Drinks Managing Director John Vider said: “With the recent resurgence in shot sales, we have seen a huge opportunity to elevate the category with better and more innovative products. Lucky Sod and Scorch achieve both of these things with premium liquid combined with a touch of tradition.

Both Lucky Sod and Scorch are available now on Amazon in 700ml sizes at an RRP of £24.99 and £24.03 respectively, as well as shopping accounts such as Head of Steam, Bodean’s, Livelyhood Pubs, Hijingo and The Claddagh Ring.

Lucky Sod Serving Suggestions:

Mixed fortune

  • 50 ml lucky grass
  • 150ml Cola
  • Serve over ice

lucky tip

Ice cold shot of Lucky Sod in a cold pint of stout.

Baby grass

  • 20ml Lucky Sod in a shot glass
  • 10ml Bailey’s layered on top

Grilling Service Suggestions:

Fiery Old Fashioned

  • 50ml Burn
  • Two bitter dashes
  • Ice
  • Stirred and garnished with orange peel

slow burner

  • 50ml Burn
  • 150ml ginger ale
  • Serve over ice

Black Sheep Brewery launches new IPA


Yorkshire-based brewery Black Sheep is set to launch a new premium black IPA on Monday June 6, Cry Wolf (5%).

Brewed with Cascade, Columbus, Citra and Chinook hops, combined with dark malt, chocolate malt and rolled oats, Cry Wolf is a hard-hitting IPA available in 500ml exclusively at Tesco next week.

Black Sheep Head of Sales and Marketing Jonny Kirkham said, “The ‘Wolf’ is an important milestone in our innovation plans for our PBA brand portfolio.

“It’s a juicy IPA made with North American hops, making it a tasty, refreshing and forward-thinking beer perfect for any occasion. We invite beer lovers to try Cry Wolf’s fierce bite. “

Glenrinnes launches a limited edition barrel-aged Muscat vodka

DSC05688 (1)

Glenrinnes Distillery, makers of the internationally acclaimed Eight Lands gin and vodka, has announced a limited edition barrel-aged Muscat vodka (41.6% ABV), developed by its head of distillation and operations, Meeghan Murdoch.

Vodka is the second release in the Glenrinnes Producers’ Series, which allows any member of the team to come up with an idea for consideration as a limited edition product.

To create the service, virgin barrels were first filled with brandy, followed by 31-year-old Muscat, and finally Eight Lands Vodka, offering subtle oak and vanilla notes on the nose.

On the palate, the vodka is deliciously smooth with hints of apricot and raisins, best served as a Martini made with a splash of very dry vermouth or drizzled with tonic water over ice for a refreshing alternative.

Murdoch said: “I’ve had a long interest in the impact different casks can have on spirits, dating back to my days as a winemaker, and it’s fascinating to see what whiskey makers now use to finish their products.

“Our vodka is such a fantastic spirit; I knew it would be the perfect starting point for something new and exciting. I had never seen vodka aged in a Muscat barrel and quickly knew we were onto a winner once the vodka had spent some time in the barrel.”

Barrel-aged Eight Lands Muscat vodka, of which there are just 758 bottles, is available in 50cl bottles at RRP £37 from Harvey Nichols and the Whiskey Exchange.

Burleighs announces its first flavored service

Burleighs Gin Raspberry Edition (1)

Leicestershire distillery Burleighs Gin has ventured into the flavored gin category for the first time, with the launch of its Raspberry Edition Gin (37.5% ABV).

Produced by infusing Burleighs award-winning gin recipe into raspberries and peaches, the blush-coloured drink is a fresh and fruity yet delicate gin, delicious on its own with a tonic or as a base for cocktails.

Burleigh’s Chief Commercial Officer, Sam Watson, said: “We are extremely excited to add this delicious and authentic pink gin to Burleighs main line.

“We hope Burleighs lovers will agree that the new drink still has the classic, elevated taste on which we have built our reputation, but with an added freshness and subtle sweetness that is suitable for summer, lending itself to a range of drinks and cocktails both at home and in restaurants.

“While we have our delicious Pink Edition Gin in the range, which is inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms during Hanami, the new Raspberry Edition Gin has a very different flavor and look, with a unique and pretty design on a clear bottle , to help highlight the inviting color of the gin.

“This is one of our most versatile bottles to date.”

Burleighs Raspberry Edition Gin is now available in 70cl bottles at an RRP of £32.50 from the Distilleries online store.

If you have new products on the way, email details with high-res images by Thursday at noon for possible inclusion in Friday’s article at [email protected]​.

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