Japanese brewery makes jeans from waste from brewing process

Hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Japanese brewery Sapporo is trying to win over new customers, not by launching a new beer, but by selling its own new generation jeans. To everyone’s surprise, the famous brewer turned to upcycling to transform the waste from the brewing process into a true fashion creation.

Many industries have been forced to reinvent themselves during – and after – the pandemic, to reconnect with their customers and attract new ones. But no one expected a Japanese brewery, Sapporo Breweries Limited, to start making jeans.

However, this is the new niche of the beer specialist, which caused a stir by unveiling these fashion items made from the brewing waste of its flagship beer, reports the Nikkei Asia business daily.

Beer makers around the world are getting creative when it comes to adding value to their waste. While some have chosen to transform these co-products into cereal bars or biofuels, others have taken a completely different direction to win over fashion fans. This is the case of Sapporo Breweries, based in Hokkaido, which launched the first jeans made from waste malt, leaves and hop stalks.

The brewery partnered with Shima Denim Works – a company that makes clothes from bagasse, a waste product from sugarcane processing – to create its first jeans. Beer brewing waste was first transformed into washi, a traditional Japanese paper, which then serves as the basis for spinning and weaving this future denim. The whole thing comes from Sapporo’s iconic Black Label beer, giving the drink great publicity in the process.

Nikkei Asia says the brewery added no less than 30 pairs of jeans made using this method to its online store in April. Priced at 41,800 yen (about RM1,360), the Black Label Malt & Hops jeans attracted some 1,600 purchase requests. And this promising start suggests that customers may need to increase their beer consumption quickly – albeit still in moderation – to allow the brewery to launch production on a larger scale. – AFP Relax News

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