iPourIt, Inc. Releases Annual Report Highlighting Top Beverage Styles and Products

LAKE FOREST, Calif. – iPourIt, Inc – North America’s leading provider of automatic tap beverage dispensing technology – has released its annual report of the most poured beverages across all iPourIt systems in 2021. The report is in its fifth year of publication and includes proprietary information on- premise data and information on consumer preferences, demographics and revenue generation.

“There has never been a report like this for self-pour operators, brewers, distributors and anyone else looking for complete, real data. This is the pulse of the industry” , said Doug Gray, vice president of product management, iPourIt. combination of products will improve their business. Ultimately, answering the question: “What do consumers want?”

The 2021 casting report includes comparative information with the previous year’s report showing some consistency, as well as a variety of changes and new additions. Of the top 15 beer styles, 14 were carried over from the previous list and Seltzer was added for the first time. India Pale Ale returned as the number one most served style and Cider moved up to second place replacing Lager.

For 2021, the top five paid products overall included: 1. Michelob ULTRA – Anheuser-Busch (Lager) 2. Bud Light – Anheuser-Busch (Lager) 3. Mango Cart – Golden Road Brewing (Wheat Ale) 4 Pineapple Cider – Ace (Cider) 5. Modelo Especial – Grupo Modelo (Lager)

The full report also shares the most paid products for the top styles, the most paid wine products, the most popular styles and products broken down by gender, traffic on the tap walls by age, as well as key information and trends. based on over 49 million ounces. accurate and verified casting data.

iPourIt’s latest GEN 4 platform runs on proprietary auto-pouring software that collects and logs data for every ounce poured. It’s the only solution on the market that gives operators access to valuable data on product preferences, customer demographics, and revenue generation from their location.

“Our customers want to know how best to configure their faucet wall and what the ideal product mix should be, based on location, seasonality and their customer demographics. Now they can easily access unique and detailed consumer data collected from their own iPourIt system via TapVision™, our bespoke business intelligence reporting platform,” said Carl Mostert, CEO of iForIt. Download the full 2021 report for all the best styles, products and key insights

About iPourIt, Inc.

iPourIt, Inc. is the North American leader in automatic beverage dispensing technology with over 8,800 faucets installed, 270 million ounces poured and 300 locations in operation. We’re not for the “this is how it’s always been done” crowd. iPourIt was designed for pioneers looking to drive growth, outsmart the competition, and deliver an exceptional service experience, without the wait. Our self-payment systems can help simplify staffing needs, increase revenue and improve customer experience using sophisticated technology, detailed analytics and the best support in the industry. In all aspects of our self-pay business, we leverage technology to help you generate profits.

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