Heaps Normal raises $ 8.5 million to increase beer production to 0 pc


Heaps Normal non-alcoholic beer brand has raised $ 8.5 million in capital to expand operations to meet demand.

Andy Miller, managing director of Heaps Normal, said the company has spent the past six months selling beer faster than it can make, and now wants to be the biggest beer brand without alcohol in Australia.

“When we started, we thought there were probably a few people like us who wanted to cut down on alcohol, but didn’t necessarily identify as sober.

“We’ve worked really hard to develop a tasty beer that can withstand a full-strength flavor, but we also feel very lucky to have tapped into a culture shift away from the stigma traditionally associated with cutting down on alcohol. . “

The cash investment will enable Heaps Normal to build a dedicated production facility that will enable it to capture a greater market share in the non-alcoholic market – aiming to achieve 20% market share by 2025.

Who Gives a Crap founder Simon Griffiths, who invested in the campaign, said Heaps Normal has created a very unique position in the market that reflects current social and cultural trends.

“It’s a product and a brand that all beer drinkers can support, not just those who don’t. That kind of cultural relevance combined with social impact is what excites me the most, ”Griffiths said.

“I can’t think of an example before now of a non-alcoholic brand that was cooler than an alcoholic brand.”


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