Grain Bin Brewing Company Wins Two Provincial Beer Awards


Grande Prairie’s Grain Bin Brewing Company won two awards at the 2021 Alberta Beer Awards on Wednesday. The locally owned and operated brewery took home a silver award for its Lose Your Car stout in the Imperial Strength Beer category, and also won a bronze prize for the category Beer of mixed fermentation with fruit for the first beer in its Solera series.

Dalen Landis of Grain Bin Brewery says he’s very honored to win another round of awards.

“We’ve been a member of the Alberta Brewers Association for four years and have been fortunate to win awards at every show so far,” he says. “We were honored to be side by side with some of these other breweries who also received equipment.”

Landis says they have had a wonderful opportunity as a brewery to keep coming up with new ideas and recipes. He believes that winning the silver medal for “Lose Your Car” is a testament to the hard work and dedication to making the best product possible.

“A lot of these different, funnier beers are very popular, but ‘lose your car’ is a good example of the traditional style,” he says.

“No nonsense, no marshmallows or fruit curls or anything in it, it just relies on the fact that this is a well crafted beer, and that’s about it.”

He says that despite being the only brewery in the Land of Peace to win an award, the work done in this part of the province leaves its mark on the industry.

“Alberta beers can definitely hold up, even in Canada, in more established regions like British Columbia and Ontario,” he says.

“The craft scene there is a little more mature and developed, but it shows that Alberta beer is becoming more and more popular, but we adhere to that same standard of quality. “

Grain Bin Brewing Company has now won seven Alberta Beer Awards.


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