From Farm to Tap: Root Campaign for More Local Products Used in Local Craft Beers | WJHL

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WJHL) – A statewide initiative launched with a head start of $ 350,000 to encourage the use of more local farm products in local craft beers.

A Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild statement Wednesday said the Farm to Tap campaign will seek to appropriate more Tennessee-grown produce for craft beer making in the state.

“Tennessee craft brewers are creative and innovative, and many have already discovered the benefits of using Tennessee-grown produce in their offerings,” said Sharon Cheek, group executive director. “From Farm to Tap is a tremendous opportunity to give an economic boost to our agricultural economy, to provide new product lines for the growing craft brewing sector and to empower consumers to support local businesses. . “

The State General Assembly has awarded the initiative’s first grant to work towards collaboration between the Department of Agriculture, the Guild, 95 State Agricultural Officers and the University of Tennessee in setting implementation of the next steps.

“We want to identify and highlight the ‘pioneers’ in our industry who have already discovered the benefits of using Tennessee agricultural products and introduce the concept to farmers and brewers in one-on-one meetings, breakout sessions and large-scale festivals and other events, ”Cheek said. “We plan to get the word out in as many ways as possible within our resources. “

Tennessee breweries interested in participating can do so by BY CLICKING HERE.

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