Fort Worth Brewery’s new elf-themed ale, brewed with spaghetti, syrup and M & Ms

Martin House only makes 300 gallons and sells out quickly.

FORT WORTH, Texas – The Martin House Brewing Company of Fort Worth is renowned for its unique beers.

The Turnbull Kellie is made from haggis and the Azathoth contains squid ink.

The company’s latest brew, however, comes from the mind of Buddy the Elf and includes spaghetti.

“Spaghetti in a beer really gets a lot of attention for people,” said John Laughman, a quart brewer at Martin House.

The Cotton Head Ninny-Muggins is based on Buddy’s spaghetti recipe from the Elf movie. In the movie, Buddy puts maple syrup on his spaghetti with M & Ms, marshmallows and chocolate.

So Martin House just threw all of those ingredients into a beer.

“That was it right away. That’s what we did, ”Laughman said. “The question was, ‘Is this going to be good?’ A lot of people were like, “How could this be good? “

Laughman said they got the idea months ago and started to prepare, including 10 pounds of uncooked noodles, huge bags of marshmallows and chocolate to throw into their pilot system. .

“It’s kind of crazy when you like to see so much candy at once,” he said. “Spaghetti noodles are mostly wheat and that’s what a lot of beers are, so it’s just a matter of adding an ingredient that is already there.”

They made 300 gallons of elf-themed beer and launched it on Friday. Less than a week later, they are almost out.

“We had lines at the gate the day we took it out,” Laughman said. “You get all the sweet things, so the chocolate goes, marshmallows. It’s a lactose bomb, it’s what we’re known for, so nice and smooth, creamy.

It’s one of 120 different beers they’ve made this year, and Laughman claims it’s relatively tame.

“We just deconstruct whatever we want to do and then turn it into beer,” he said. “It’s as easy as it sounds. ”

Beer can only be found on tap or in cans in the tap room at Martin House Brewing in Fort Worth. Once it’s gone, they don’t earn anymore, at least this year.

“If you think this one is really crazy, then wait for the next one,” Laughman said.

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