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Fort Myers Brewing Company will host its annual Oktoberfest, a four-day family event featuring craft beer, authentic German cuisine and live music, from Thursday October 7 through Sunday October 10 in Fort Myers.

Throughout the four-day celebration, guests can experience more than 10 different food trucks serving specialty dishes, in addition to a wide selection of locally brewed beers, stouts and lagers. The festivities kick off Thursday and Friday with food truck rallies and the first releases of Fort Myers Brewing’s Oktoberfest specialty beers.

Iconic beers at this year’s Oktoberfest include Fort Myers Festbier, a Dortmunder export for a light and crunchy lager; Apple Strudel Ale, a lager aged with apple, cinnamon and vanilla; Hurricane Heffie, a Bavarian hefeweizen with flavors of banana, cloves and chewing gum; and you!! Hans !!, a crunchy, clean and slightly fruity amber German beer.

The German festivities continue on Saturday with the iconic Fort Myers Brewing festival beers on tap for the second time, and guests can return Sunday to help Kick the Keg with food trucks and special beers paid out until the keg runs out.

Below is the full program of events:

Thursday October 7

Hours of the event: 2 p.m.-10 p.m.

Food Truck Rally and over 10 specialty beers

Food Trucks: The Nosh Truck, Doggone Organics, Mobstah Lobstah, Red Roc Cravings and Vesuvius Wood Fired Pizza

Friday October 8

Hours of the event: 2 p.m.-11 p.m.

Food Truck Rally and over 10 specialty beers

Food Trucks: Currywurst, King’s Tacos & Burritos, Don’t Give Up and Doggone Organics

Saturday October 9

Event hours: from noon to 11 p.m.

Spinning through over 30 beers

Food Trucks: Currywurst, Wicked Steatery, The Meat Cottage, King’s Tacos & Burritos and Mobstah Lobstah

Sunday October 10

Event hours: from noon to 8 p.m.

Kick the Keg Party: Special beers will be served throughout the day until the keg is exhausted.

Food Trucks: MAD Brunch, Doggone Organics and Cositas Gourmet

Oktoberfest will be held at Fort Myers Brewing Company, 12811 Commerce Lakes Drive, Suite 28, Fort Myers. For more information, visit or call 239-313-6576.


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