Discontinued Costco products that have made a comeback

If anything can justify the Costco membership fee, it’s buying your favorite coffee in bulk. Members especially enjoy Lavazza’s Espresso Italiano blend, including its heavy 2.2-pound bag and deep discount (under $20, according to Costco’s website). The fact that it’s whole bean only adds to the benefits, as unlike ground coffee, it’s able to stay fresh longer, creating a better brew in the morning. All the more reason to fill your closet with it.

Anyone who considers themselves a caffeine junkie would be buzzing with such a frugal roast, right? So the retailer has already ditched the Italian roaster, much to our dismay. An Instagram account confirmed the situation in April 2021, showing that a “death star” – the asterisk signaling a product suspension – had appeared on the coffee label, essentially marking that it was in the process of to get out of stores. The price-performance ratio made it a particularly hurtful loss for other buyers. One reviewer lamented, “We just upgraded to this and love it for the price. Shame!”

There’s no need to cry, however, because Lavazza didn’t stay away from Costco for long. A look at the wholesaler’s website shows the brew is back in stock, and still at a great price fans can’t get enough of. For now, grab a few bags of this stuff and sip.

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