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After completing their training, many young people first have to reorient themselves completely. Because now it is important to apply the knowledge acquired within a work. This is not always possible at the training location. Many young workers therefore have to move and leave the Hotel Mama forever. Others can stay at home, but have other costs that must be met at once. Because it is not uncommon to have a mobile base to get to work. Or else, the first own apartment should be set up. Everyone is aware that this also costs money.

However, the money required for this is often not available. While there was a salary during the apprenticeship, it is relatively low, so there should hardly have been any opportunities to save. A credit after the apprenticeship is therefore necessary in order to be financially secure and to be able to fulfill the wishes that arise in this important phase of life.

Which loans are possible?

Which loans are possible?

After the apprenticeship is before starting a completely new and independent life. The age of majority has now been reached and personal and professional matters have to be clarified on one’s own responsibility. A loan after training can also be taken out. This means that parents no longer have to be begged for money when their cash register is empty again.

However, taking out a loan after training is less easy than it may appear at first glance. Because even if there is a job after your apprenticeship, it does not mean that you are automatically creditworthy.

Many banks require permanent employment, which must have existed for at least six months. In addition, the income must be significantly above the garnishment allowance. However, many young people find it very difficult to meet these guidelines for borrowing. After all, employment after training is usually only possible on a trial basis. And income does not yet reach any spheres that can be described as above average. So do the parents have to step in again as emergency aid?

As a young worker, you can take out a consumer loan without the help of your parents and with a good Credit Bureau. Financing that many traders offer. No matter whether you want to buy a new TV, a Play Station or a sofa. With a consumer loan, this should also be easy for all those who are looking for a loan after training.

Even a mobile phone contract and other contracts where you are bound to a provider for a certain period of time who pays for his services in advance is possible without any problems. With an installment loan or other special loans, however, it can be a little more difficult.

When do parents or other related parties have to help?

When do parents or other related parties have to help?

With an installment loan, a car loan or even a real estate loan, it can happen that the young employee cannot take action alone. There is no fixed income here, which can only gradually be built up. If such a loan has to be used, we recommend naming the parents as guarantors.

If they have a fixed income, this is easily possible, as they will provide sufficient collateral for borrowing. If the parents are not suitable for a guarantee, other relatives or very close acquaintances can also step in. It is always important that the guarantor has a good credit rating, that he is aware of his task and does not let the young borrower hang. Then every loan request can be implemented – even if it is a loan after training.