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Alan’s artisan soaps are now available at Gelson’s Long Beach supermarket through unique programs that encourage small local vendors to feature the grocery store’s buying team.

Gelson’s First to Market and Local Discoveries programs provide opportunities for small, local brands to establish themselves and supply products directly to stores. The selection process has been dubbed “Baby Shark” by some entrepreneurs because the format is similar to a small-scale episode of “Shark Tank,” the ABC television show.

Shoppers find valuable products that often have a heartwarming story, like the motivation behind the creation of Alan’s Artisan soaps.

“My son Alan was born with a rare genetic condition and has skin that is sensitive to textures and artificial ingredients. Our 100% natural ingredients and scented oil soaps lather quickly, feel soft, and rinse away leaving only the light, natural scent,” company founder John Caldwell wrote in a post.

The company also sells a pure soap without dyes or perfumes.

“Most of our processing and packaging can be done by people with special needs, giving us the ability to provide work opportunities to one of the most underserved and vulnerable segments of our people,” Caldwell added.

The soaps, made in Southern California, sell for $7.99 a bar.

The submission deadline for the next round of opportunities for small businesses to showcase their products to Gelson buyers will be this month – the date is not yet confirmed, but finalist presentations will be made in person on the 24th. august.

To look upward

Virgin Orbit, the satellite-launching division of Richard Branson’s space tourism venture, Long Beach-based Virgin Galactic, has busy summer travel plans.

Last Friday, a flight mission named “Straight Up” in tribute to Paula Abdul’s 1988 song was successfully launched with a US Space Force payload of seven small satellites for the space test program. Initially, the launch was delayed due to “propellant temperature which was slightly out of range, and out of extreme caution, the launch was cancelled,” according to a press release. “Straight Up” was the company’s first nighttime release.

Another first is also planned for later this year – an inaugural rocket launch from UK soil. This is a joint mission between the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) and the US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). The two satellites to be launched are expected to “pave the way for a more collaborative and connected space communications system,” according to a press release.

Virgin Orbit is using a commercial aircraft as the first step in its launch process. The company’s primary rocket, LauncherOne, is designed to take off under the wing of “Cosmic Girl,” a 747 aircraft. of 35,000 feet, where the booster is then released and ignites its main engine to propel its payloads into orbit.

Make reservations

Samantha Mehlinger, vice president of communications at the Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, reports that two new restaurants will open in downtown Long Beach this summer — one an upscale steakhouse and the other a casual taco restaurant.

mexican food

solita Tacos & Margaritas (with a lowercase s) will be open at the end of July. The casual restaurant is located at the corner of Pine Avenue and Ocean Boulevard, in the large space where Rock Bottom Brewery used to be. This is the fourth site in the chain. They are known for their artisanal margaritas, premium tequilas and mezcals, and fresh homemade salsa.

juicy steaks

In early August, the famous Ruth Chris Steakhouse chain will open its doors at 180 E. Ocean Blvd.

“The space is beautiful. The indoor/outdoor space is the ideal gateway from the convention center to downtown. The bar and patio are almost complete,” Mehlinger said.

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