Copper Club Brewing Company holds the art market

FRIUTA, Colorado (KKCO) – Art, food and beer took center stage at the Holiday Art Market. Michele Collins, co-owner of Copper Club Brewing Company, says they have decided to host artists to show their support. “To give them the space to sell their products,” Collins said.

Collins says she reached out to Lori Ruiz to bring together local creatives. “And asked her if she knew of an artist, you know, who might want to start an art market,” Collins explained.

Lori Ruiz is a local artist who paints modern portraits of the American West. She brought together other local artists through a collective she founded called the Westslope Collective.

“It’s kind of like an Instagram page for a local artist community. So we all sort of share ideas and share each other’s activities, we look out for each other and make sure what happens, ”Ruiz described.

Fifteen local artists attended the event to display their art, including candles, paintings, jewelry and more. Ruiz states that she started the collective because there is no organized way for artists to reach other artists.

“As an artist, I found it a little frustrating not knowing when and where to register for events or what was happening in the valley. And I really knew we needed a community resource guide for creatives, ”Ruiz said.

According to Ruiz, the best way to support local artists is to share their work.

“Make sure that if you buy something from a local artist to share on Instagram, share it on Facebook; make sure you tag them and make sure you let your friends know where you got it, ”exclaimed Ruiz.

The artist says if you want to get involved with the collective to look them up on Instagram: @Westslopecollective.

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