Connecticut brewery hit by CO2 shortage

Carbon dioxide is vital for companies producing beer and soft drinks.

HARTFORD, Conn. — Curt Cameron, President of Thomas Hooker Brewery, said they noticed reductions. He recently discovered that they will be getting 70% of their usual CO2 allowance from their supplier due to a plant failure, but he hopes they will be able to hold on.

Carbon dioxide is vital for companies producing beer and soft drinks. CO2 is what is used to make carbonated or sparkling beer and sodas.

“When we don’t have CO2, we have to shut down operations,” Cameron said.

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Cameron said the CO2 is also used for a variety of other functions around the brewery.

“Each tank is purged with CO2 so no air touches the beer, the canning lines run on CO2 and therefore CO2 is used in many aspects of the brewery,” he said.

He said they had noticed the shortage over the past year or so.

“We’re told it’s for a myriad of different reasons. It could be the closure of an ethanol plant where they get a lot of CO2 from. This time I was reading the letter, it’s because of a plant outage somewhere in Illinois that our supplier, American Carbonation, gets a lot of their CO2 from,” Cameron said.

Back East Brewing Company in Bloomfield is also keeping an eye on the CO2 shortage. Co-founder Tony Karlowicz said they are under contract and doing well for the time being.

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“We’ve only just filled up so we’re good for a few weeks. Our supplier said everything will be fine, so hopefully we can get through this,” he said.

Karlowicz said he’s seen the nationwide shortage worsen over the past two years and it hasn’t been an easy time for breweries, dealing with everything from pandemic shutdowns to higher costs. high in the supply chain, and even to a shortage of aluminium.

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“You never know, things, if they get worse before they get better, could be a potential problem, but it’s definitely something we’re very concerned about,” he said.

Cameron hopes things will be better when the factory returns. He said they had considered replacing CO2 for some of their production, but that would be expensive.

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