Closer to home: Two Heads Brewing moves craft beer production to Lucknow | West Central Daily

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THREE years after starting a brewery in Bathurst, two Orange brothers are bringing their craft beer business much closer to home. Campbell and Greg Hedley have decided Two Heads Brewing is ripe for a change of scenery, and so closed their hospitality operations at Bathurst’s Crago Mill just before Christmas, and are in the process of moving to new production space in Lucknow. Campbell, speaking on behalf of the brewery, said the new production space would put the focus back on beer. “We hope to be ready to brew again within the next two months,” Mr Hedley said. “As we increased the production of our beers, we started to find that we were working with less and less space, and the new place will allow us to have more space to move around.” Two Heads Brewing began operations in Bathurst in April 2016 and was the realization of a bold plan devised by the brothers. While Two Heads will no longer grace the historic Crago Mill, Mr. Hedley returns to the location with many fond memories. “When we first opened our doors, it was great to be able to introduce Bathurst customers to beer and offer them something different,” he said. “Thinking back to our first Christmas on site, it was a joy to see so many people celebrating while we madly tried to bottle our beers.” With the pressures of running a hotel business in tandem with a brewery now in the past, Mr Hedley is keen to see the Two Heads brand continue to grow. “We now have beers in bottle shops all over Sydney,” he said. Mr. Hedley also played a pivotal role in the opening of The Lane Cellars, a new independent bottle shop in Orange specializing in boutique wine, beer and cider. He said he and his brother hope the move will allow for a greater variety of beers in the years to come. “Overall, brewing is a scientific process, and Chief Brewer Ian Carman has done a fantastic job in developing our beers over time,” Hedley said. “We’ve had fantastic support from the entire community and look forward to continuing to produce exciting new products.”


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