Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper launches Hawkstone Cider at Cotswold Brewing Company headquarters

The Cotswold Brewing Company had its ‘busiest day’ yesterday as Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper arrived on his tractor to launch his new Hawkstone Cider.

Fresh from the fields of Oxfordshire, Kaleb headed out to drinkers in the Cotswolds with barrels of the latest local produce. It comes just months after Jeremy Clarkson teamed up with the local brewery to produce his Hawkstone Lager.

Brewing Company representative Nigel Spragg highlighted how companies have benefited from collaborations with Clarkson and his farming sidekick Kaleb. “It was a big change for us. They really stand up for local businesses, not just for us, but for everyone else, including local farmers.

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The Hawkstone brand is a partnership between Jeremy Clarkson and the Cotswold Brewing Co, with their first drink, a lager, launching in late 2021. Jeremy’s Hawkstone Lager remains hard to come by due to popular demand, with new stock being released. purchase as soon as it is made available to beer lovers. Kaleb’s well-documented love of cider was a springboard for the brewery’s latest venture.

Despite his newfound fame, Kaleb continues to work the land in Oxfordshire and recently vowed never to leave the county. “Kaleb is absolutely a local boy. Two years ago he would have been a customer here, now he is launching his own cider,” Nigel said.

The hugely popular Amazon TV show, Clarkson’s Farm, has been hailed by UK farmers for raising awareness of their farming challenges. The second series is currently in production with an expected release date of 2023.

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