Church plans beer production facility

It’s not very often you hear about beer in a church setting, but that’s what a church in Clarksville is working towards.

Nothing says refreshing like an ice cold beer. At least that’s what members of the Lutheran Church of Christ believe.

“We don’t see anything wrong with beer. It’s liquid bread,” said Hunter Crouse, chairman of the board of Christ Lutheran Church.

In fact, the Clarksville church is in talks with the Tennessee Valley Brewing Company in hopes of starting a beer production facility, but there’s only one problem according to Hunter Crouse.

“It’s not legal to sell beer within 800 feet of a church,” Crouse said.

The Lutheran Church of Christ is still in the early stages of planning, so this is just a conversation at this time. For now, the church will kick off with its first annual Oktoberfest from Friday.

“They approached me and said, ‘Hey, can we have a beer for this party? ‘” said Eric Brannstrom, of the Tennessee Valley Brewing Company.

It’s hard enough to say no to your pastor.

Brannstrom is a member of the church, but he also co-owns the Tennessee Valley Brewing Company, the brewery the church hopes to work with in the future.

The church will serve an Oktoberfest beer on Friday and Saturday. Brannstrom said it took about a month to produce.

The Lutheran Church of Christ hopes you will try its specially brewed beer this weekend.

“It’s great fun and a great opportunity for camaraderie,” Crouse said.

Because it is illegal to sell beer within 800 feet of the church, the church said the beer would be free.

The festivities will begin Friday at 4 p.m. at 2425 Kirkwood Road in Clarksville.

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