Burning Barrel Brewing Company


Question of the day – 9/29Tina is here to close Wednesday’s show with her question of the day: what would make a good name for your wine label?

Charcuterie Brunch BoardsCharcuterie boards are (still) in fashion, and they have healthy options too! Registered Dietitian Monica Salafia joins Dina with great ideas!

Here’s what you missed on today’s show!

WikiWho?Check out today’s WikiWho?

Calligraphy courseWanted to learn calligraphy but didn’t know where to go? We have a solution for you! Learn Calligraphy by Taking a Modern Calligraphy Class in Sacramento! Details here!

Burning Barrel Brewing CompanyLori Wallace is at Rancho Cordova at Burning Barrel Brewing Company, and they have the hottest beer in the world! It’s not what you think. Check them out for a taste of hot (spicy) beer!

Music for teens – 9/29It’s Teen’s Tune time! Today let’s go and guess the songs, let’s play with us!

Hidden Star Bakery and Taproom in CaminoHidden Star at Apple Hill in Camino serves warm vibes and delicious hard cider! Julissa Ortiz is here for a visit and a sample!

National Coffee Day at Chocolate FishChocolate Fish Coffee Roasters is all-in-one for National Coffee Day! Ashley Williams is there to taste, and maybe step behind the counter to help!

Hidden Stars PathJulissa Ortiz is in Camino at Hidden Star Camino! Find out what this place has for you and your kids!

Ghost wines at Bogle VineyardsGet into the Halloween spirit with Ghost Wine! Lori Wallace is at Bogle Vineyards in Clarksburg to find out about the Ghost Story Contest they are running and what you can win!

Chocolate fish roastersWe’re celebrating National Coffee Day and we’re at Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters in Folsom and Ashley Williams is a barista for a day! Does she have what it takes to be a top barista? See here!

World Heart DayKeep your heart in shape with a little cardio! Tone and sculpt coach Melissa Kendter joins Tina to show us some easy workouts, and everyone joins in!

Empty nest syndromeWill the students go back to school. Many parents are suffering from empty nest syndrome again. We talk to a doctor about how the parents can handle the empty nest a second time around.

Good New WineAshley Williams is at Sacramento’s newest wine bar: Good News Wine. With an assortment of tasty wines, this place has YOUR wine for you!

Joke of the dayCheck out today’s dad joke today

The Sacramento ExchangeAre you looking for a great place to stay or do you need friends or family for a visit? Julissa Ortiz is at the new Sacramento Exchange and they are showing us their new digs! What a great place to stay in this beautiful city!

Man killed in accident on highway 99Authorities believe speed was a factor.

Question of the dayQuestion of the day: what is the best color combination for a house?

Planet Falafel & ShwarmaTina Macuha is at Falafel & Shwarma Planet in South Sacramento. See what delicious food they have for you!

The price is right: 50th anniversaryWe chat with Drew Carey about the 50th anniversary of The Price is Right! See what Drew says about the 2 hour special!

What is your child doing?Dina Kupfer talks to a 5 year old about the incredible accomplishment he has achieved!

Here’s what you missed on today’s show!

RefreshmentLooking to refresh your pad? We’re in Lodi at The Refresh and they have what you need to renovate and refresh your home!


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