Bühler’s digital MontBlanc system reduces emissions in the brewing process

Sep 13, 2022 — Swiss equipment manufacturer Bühler is introducing its latest digital service, dubbed MontBlanc, which measures and recommends the appropriate fan speed for beer producers to kiln their barley during the brewing process. The technology is now on display at the Drinktec show in Munich, Germany.

Talk to Packaging Overviews Live from the show, Mark Helmers, the company’s product manager for malting and brewing, said: “This is a unique digital service for malt houses that recommends the ideal fan speed for the kiln fan. Each batch requires a different fan speed, and MontBlanc recommends it perfectly every time.

The company claims that reducing the oven fan speed can generate savings of up to 25% during the withering phase, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

“By the way, we’re reducing power generation by lowering fan speeds, which helps reduce emissions,” Helmers continues. “MontBlanc can be installed in any plant. It is easy to install.

The mini brewery exhibited at FachPack 2022.Modular brewing
Bühler’s mini-brewhouse is also on display at Drinktec, which showcases the company’s latest technologies, as well as a modular brewhouse, which allows brewers to expand and adapt their capacity according to individual customer demands.

The company’s standardized modular malting plant, branded RimoMalt, has an annual throughput of between 1,000 tonnes and 17,000 tonnes of malt. It is suitable for breweries up to 1.1 million hectoliters and distilleries up to 10 million liters.

RimoMalt can also be easily expanded, offering batch sizes between 16 and 56 tonnes. Batch sizes for cylindroconical steeping and germination-proofing units can be increased, says Helmers. Additionally, multiple process boxes can be placed next to each other to create a full 24-hour batch cycle.

“We are seeing that there is a premiumisation of beer trends and trends to produce more sustainably, and this is where we are taking the solutions like MontBlanc and RimoMalt from large batch sizes to low beer production. energy,” says Helmers.

“We also serve smaller batch sizes and more local production sites and produce digital solutions that allow us to run any plant more efficiently and reduce overall energy consumption.”

Bühler in full swing
In 2019, Bühler and Premier Tech of Canada began building a design and manufacturing center in China focused on industrial flexible packaging solutions.

This strategic cooperation is expected to result in a joint venture for design and manufacturing in 2020, with Bühler focusing on turnkey plant sales globally and Premier Tech on packaging systems in China.

In 2020, Bühler and Canadian company Premier Tech began transforming their joint venture in China into a new global partnership for bulk food packaging.

The partnership will allow Bühler to access PT’s bagging and palletizing technologies through the joint venture or directly through PT’s facilities for premium feed and grain markets worldwide.

By Louis Gore-Langton, with additional reporting by Joshua Poole

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