Bacardi begins recycling barrels used in rum brewing process


Spirits company Bacardi recently announced that, in an attempt to improve its ecological footprint, it has made a habit of recycling the old barrels it uses to brew rum instead of just throwing them away once they run out. are no longer of any use.

The spirits company explains that it currently relies on American white oak barrels in order to give the rum it makes and markets its very particular flavor, i.e. richness, aroma and candy.

The problem is, after storing rum inside for about 20 years in a row, American white oak barrels have ceased to be a real home for this spirit and therefore need to be removed and replaced with new ones.

Green Company
tells us that instead of sending those old barrels to landfill, the Bacardi company in Puerto Rico now uses them better by grinding them into wood chips.

It thus becomes possible to use American white oak barrels as mulch, that is to say a layer of material spread over an area of ​​soil to preserve humidity, improve fertility and / or stop the growth of weeds. herbs.

In addition, it would appear that the mulch made from old barrels used by the Bacardi company in Puerto Rico also helps make the area where it is spread more visually appealing.

Commenting on the initiative, Lissette Sepulveda, Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator for the Bacardi Company, said the following:

“If we didn’t recycle, our barrels would end up going to a landfill, which isn’t the best option for a small island like Puerto Rico.

Additionally, “turning old rum barrels into mulch helps us meet our global sustainability goal of returning to the environment at least as much as we take. “

At first glance, the mulch made from Bacardi’s white oak barrels is used primarily to beautify the 127-acre rum distillery campus. However, company employees can take some home and use it in their own gardens.

The spirits company hopes to be able to further improve its ecological footprint by 2017 by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption by 50% and 55% respectively.

Bacardi is also taking steps to reduce the weight of its packaging by 10% by that date, and also to ensure that 40% of the sugarcane products it needs to make rum come from sustainable sources.

By 2022, however, the company wants to use 100% sustainable sugar cane, reduce packaging weight by 15% and ensure that none of the 27 production sites it operates sends waste. in landfill.


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