30 awesome birthday party hacks (and products) for all parents

For my youngest son’s first birthday, I asked my sister to come and do face painting for all the kids. It was such a fun activity and as a former makeup artist she had the skills to pull it off. However, if you don’t have a family member who is a pro at face painting, an easy way to hack this party activity is to invest in a face painting kit with stencils and all the tools. needed to create cool face paint designs.

This face painting kit from Create A Face includes 32 reusable stencils, eight colors of water-based face paint, two brushes, two glitter pots, two sponges and two paint applicators. The non-toxic, cosmetic-grade, and hypoallergenic paint is made without parabens, so it’s safe for sensitive skin. It dries quickly and stays put, but comes off easily with soap and water after the party. Use the stencils to quickly brush on hearts, flowers, superhero symbols, animal shapes and more at your next party. Or, you can go all out and follow the instructions in Create A Face’s included e-book and video tutorials to apply more complex designs.

Exam: “I bought this as a stand for my last event, and will say we tried it to see. We were impressed. The colors were beautiful and vibrant. Also long lasting (but with just soap and water!) I used my own collection of brushes but the set that came in the kit was pretty good. The stencils were reusable and user friendly. I definitely recommend this kit.

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