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May 2021

Camden Hells Lager Launches Beer ‘Recall’ to Inform About Its Brewing Process | New

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Camden Town Brewery launched “the world’s first” positive beer recall to educate consumers on its brewing process, he said.

Consumers who manage to find any of the 50 “inferior” beers that have been launched will be compensated with a one-year supply of Hells Lager, Camden said.

The recall is supported by a national television commercial, which features a press conference, held by an illustrated Camden employee and voiced by comedian Lolly Adefope.

The press conference announces the voluntary recall of a small batch of cans of Camden Hells Lager that were accidentally pasteurized and distributed across the UK.

Drinkers will know if they have found any of the pasteurized cans, as they are covered with warning stickers and are designed to “look as horrible as they taste,” Camden said.

Consumers who report a pasteurized can to Camden’s “Always Fresh But Not This Time” hotline will be compensated with a one-year supply of Hells Lager, he said.

Complainants will receive a regular delivery of 24 cans of Camden Hells Lager to their doors each month for 12 months.

Camden said the campaign will help raise awareness of its “fresh, never pasteurized beers.”

He said he “would never dream” of intentionally pasteurizing his beers like “other breweries” because the heating process alters the taste.

The beer recall announcement will run for four weeks and “let beer lovers know that pasteurizing beer is the biggest mistake Camden can ever make,” he said.

The campaign was created by advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy, in collaboration with director James Papper and illustrator Vivienne Shao.

Camden Town Brewery Marketing Manager Zoe Wulfsohn-Dunkley said it would “increase national awareness and testing of our flagship Hells Lager and support the UK distribution of our delicious chilled beers.”

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Ohio is ranked # 5 among craft beer producing states

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CLEVELAND – Ohio is ranked 5th among states for craft beer production.

What would you like to know

  • Ohio ranks 5th among states for craft beer production
  • Currently, at least 73 breweries are planning to open
  • Bookhouse Brewing opened in Cleveland in 2018

Currently, at least 73 breweries are planning to open, according to the Ohio Craft Brewers Association.

Homebrewing began as a college hobby for Vaughn Stewart, the owner of Bookhouse Brewing in Cleveland.

“The satisfaction of doing something yourself with your hands,” he said.

Stewart said he hadn’t always known his passion for beer would turn into his career.

“An interest, a hobby, a pursuit that developed naturally over time,” he said.

In 2018, Stewart opened Bookhouse Brewing. The taproom is located in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland.

“Think of beer as something that brings people together, something that fosters community and conversation. The idea is to link curiosity, learning, instruction. That stuff, along with the interaction, the sociability, ”said Stewart. “So you take ‘book’ and you take ‘home’ and these two come together.”

Stewart loves the science behind craft beer and takes a gravity sample of every beer, every day.

“What you see is that when the sugar goes down, the alcohol content goes up,” he explained.

The gravity sampling process allows repeatability and consistency of taste.

“Brewing is really an interesting field because it’s a combination of art and science,” said Stewart.

His art comes in the form of around 16 craft beers on tap at any given time. Stewart estimates he has created over 50 beers since opening in 2018.

“Made within these four walls,” he said as he stood in the brewery.

And there is a lot of history within these four walls. The building was constructed in 1866 and was originally the Jacob Baehr Brewing Company. After Jacob’s death, his wife, Magdalena, became known as “Cleveland’s Widow Brewer”.

She carried on the legacy for almost 30 years.

Since 1901, the space has gone through many phases of new activities, vacancies and catering.

Today, Stewart aims to make his Bookhouse Brewing brand stand out by offering a unique experience.

“I definitely tend to be, I think, something of a book learner,” said Stewart.

He keeps his own personal library of books on brewing on a shelf in the faucet room.

“I’ve always found it helpful to have references to refer to,” he said, perusing a book titled The practical brewer.

This is not a library or bookstore, but books can be found all around the historic building, including at every table.

“Partly as decoration because I think there is a kind of aesthetic beauty in editing and writing,” he said.

Stewart estimates that a few hundred books are housed in the brewery, but the book exchange aspect is informal and optional.

“You can take a book if you want, you can leave a book. We don’t monitor the collection or anything like that, ”said Stewart.

Stewart is a brewer who creates a cozy place for book and beer lovers while paying homage to the building’s beginnings.

“We like where we are and who our neighbors are,” he said.

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Milwaukee Brewing Co. to Increase Craft Beer Production by Nearly 70%

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Milwaukee Brewing Co. will have seven brewing tanks shipped to its facility today, allowing the brewery to increase its annual craft beer production by nearly 70%. MBC CEO Dave Hock said the new …

Milwaukee Brewing Co. will have seven brewery tanks shipped to its facility today, allowing the brewery to increase its annual craft beer production by nearly 70%. MBC CEO Dave Hock said the new capability will allow the brewery to create and innovate new products such as LoCal Haze IPA, hard salts and new cocktails slated to launch this summer. “This incredible opportunity allows us to increase production of Milwaukee craft beer classics, such as Louie’s Demise,” Hock said in a statement. “We will also be able to intensify our contract work with domestic producers of total alcoholic beverages to help them develop their own new products. The brewery tanks were purchased from Marshfield Quality tank solutions and delivered to MCB’s 9th Street location in Milwaukee. Each brewery vat can produce 240 barrels of beer, which equates to roughly 24 million pints of beer per year. With the increase in capacity, MCB will hire 8 employees to operate a new shift. The company also plans to hire more brewery, production and hospitality workers throughout the summer months, according to a press release. MCB was founded in 1997 and started as Milwaukee Ale House with a custom 15 bbl brewery. The brewery has since grown to produce year-round beers with over 300 unique seasonal flavors and a production capacity of 100,000 barrels per year.

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