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August 2017

Inside the beer brewing process

By Brewing process

Breweries continue to appear in Kern County. Beer is sold in restaurants or bottled for purchase, even outside of county limits. Lengthwise Brewing Company has become a hallmark of the Bakersfield community. Not only do they brew, but they offer creative culinary options to pair with a good cold beer.

Jada Montemarano visited the brewing site to see how beer is made from start to finish. Longwise even creates flavored beer with all natural ingredients like grapefruit and coffee beans.

After visiting the brewery, Jada tried some of the creative dishes on the menu. From “stinky” fries, to spicy fries, to fries with mac and cheese, fries seem to be the go-to option at Lengthwise. But there are other comfort favorites like burgers and clubs. Lots of items are even homemade like breads for sandwiches, mac and cheese, and even the tri-tip is smoked on the spot!

There are three places around Bakersfield to enjoy a beer and a meal! The main brewing site, which is also a restaurant and bar, is located at 7700, boul.

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