12 best TikTok products to give as gifts

Every day a billion people turn to TikTok for a laugh, spy on their crushes, check in with their favorite friends and celebrities, find new exercise routines, and even learn the best ways to clean a desk (spoiler: there’s a empty to help with that).

It stands to reason that the social media platform could also be a great place to find inspiration for those few latecomers who are left on your shopping list. From Bottles of water that look like cartons of milk in a delicious hot sauce and more, the best TikTok products that went viral in 2021 and helped inspire many #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt messages — make great gifts this holiday season.

So we scoured the app looking for well-reviewed products that are the most popular with users and easily found 12 cool things for foodies, sports junkies, kids and everyone else that you might still be shopping for. right now. Honestly, the real challenge will be not to buy everything on this trendy TiKTok gift guide for yourself.

1. Our Place Home Cook Duo Set; $ 250

For this loved one who has never met a culinary fashion on social networks that he did not like (see: baked feta pasta and the tortilla wrap hack), Our Place Ultimate Home Cook Duo Set is a great option. It includes the flagship product of the beloved company, the Always Panoramic ($ 145), and its most recent kitchen dynamo, the Perfect Pot ($ 165). Together, the brand claims these items can replace 16 individual kitchen utensils, including the frying pan, steamer, Dutch oven, colander and stock pot. Sure, some meals will still require multiple casseroles and at $ 250 overall these are pricey, but man, if they’re not worth the hype. They’re also available in chic colors like matte cornflower blue and spices, and have nifty details like built-in spoon rests, for easy cooking.

Buy it: Our place

2. Squishmallow plush; $ 13 to $ 15

Like Cabbage Patch Kids and Beanie Babies before them, Squishmallow plush toys have become a hot item among kids (and kids at heart). They’ve been flying off the shelves since 2017 — with the few earn big bucks and create a bustling trading market – and now the Squishmallow team of creatures number in the thousands. Unicorns, like this 12 inch pink Ilene the unicorn, also double as super comfy pillows for naps, movie nights, or reading sessions, and are some of the cuddly best friends. There are plenty of other animals to choose from (we have a soft spot for the fancy octopus with a monocle), as well as food, cacti, and spooky creatures like witches and gnomes. Most people use TikTok to show off the new additions to their menagerie, but @asherrs blew us away with a instructional video on how to turn a Unicorn into a Custom Cow Squish.

Buy them: Ilene the pink unicorn; Fancy octopus

3. DJStore transparent milk carton water bottle; $ 8

The Hydro Flask is so VSCO Girl 2019. Don’t let your friends drink fruit infused water, cold-pressed juice, or boba tea from an outdated container. This year’s best drink accessory is an old-fashioned transparent plastic milk carton bottle. Easily customizable with a Cutting machine, googly eyes, crystals or stickers, the opening is large enough for pearls or tapioca berries, and the cover makes it easy to store and ideal for travel. There are also transparent colored versions and sets that include reusable straws and cleaning brushes.

Buy it: Amazon

4. Seasum Leggings; $ 10 to $ 21

The women in your life are probably in constant search of the perfect pair of leggings. Thanks to modern textile technology, they could exist in the form of these Seasum leggings, which sparked a huge feeling on TikTok for their alleged “butt lifting” abilities. Many reviewers swear by these high waisted numbers and claim that they will go with you on a yoga session or # squat challenge no problem. Best of all, they are available in pretty colors and prints like leopard or rainbow tie-dye, so your gift can have a little fun in their sportswear.

Buy it: Amazon

5. Odistar office vacuum cleaner; $ 13 to $ 20

For many people, most of the past two years have been spent indoors and working from home. As such, table tops, desktops, and worktops have never seen so much action. Help your friends and family clean up their act in the New Year with this rechargeable mini portable vacuum cleaner that TikTokkers give a big thumbs-up. It’s perfect for picking up leftover crumbs from that Zoom Date lunch and sucking up dust from keyboards, and offers up to 400 minutes of continuous cleaning time on a single charge.

Buy it: Amazon

6. HotPop microwave popcorn machine; $ 10 to $ 13

This foldable Christmas stocking will easily enhance outdoor movie nights (another often flaunted influencer activity). All your freebie has to do is toss a few beans into the BPA-free silicone popper and toss it in the microwave for a few minutes. Health conscious people can enjoy their popcorn without oil or butter, but those who want that movie theater taste can add it. To really take the gift home, pair it with spices, flavored salt, powdered cheese, or even a bag of nutritionally approved vegan yeast.

Buy it: Amazon

7. Bearaby Cotton Napper weighted blanket; $ 249

A good night’s rest is a staple of self-care, as sleep can boost the immune system, promote memory retention, reduce stress, and even help prevent weight gain. Weighted blankets, which make users feel like they are swaddled, are all the rage in self-care because they promote deeper, more restful sleep. There are plenty of weighted blankets to choose from, but the Bearaby Cotton Napper is a perfect combination of form and function thanks to its knitted design, premium materials (each made from butter-soft organic cotton) , sophisticated color selections, and multiple weight denominations (15 pounds to 25 pounds). Another advantage of Bearaby over competing brands is that these weighted blankets are machine washable. We know they don’t come cheap, but remember that true relaxation is priceless.

Buy it: Bearaby

8. Truff Hot Sauce Holiday Gift Box; $ 78

TikTok is awesome and all, but when it comes to spoiling your loved ones with exceptional gifts, you’d be hard pressed to find a more valuable Seal of Approval than Oprah’s. Not only did the divine Mrs. O place these vegan truffle and gluten free condiments on her annual favorite things list, but she strongly supported that choice, adding, “I put Truff’s black truffle hot sauce on just about everything. It has become so much of a staple that every time I have guests they ask for it too! TikTok users love the sauce too, and this set includes Oprah’s must-have black truffle, as well as bottles of white truffle hot sauce and black truffle oil. If your giveaway doesn’t know how to best deploy these aroma bombs, they can turn to the brand’s TikTok page for advice, judging by the number of subscribers, many users are as dedicated as Winfrey.

Buy it: Amazon

9. BlendJet 2 portable mixer; $ 50

From daiquiris on the deck to post-gym protein shakes, this portable and powerful BlendJet 2 blender can do its job just about anywhere you need it. Once its stainless steel blades quickly cut through ice, leafy greens and frozen fruit, your gift can drink straight from it. It is also compact, USB rechargeable and self-cleaning. Ideal for active moms, athletes, students with short lunch breaks, and lovers of frozen cocktails, this device is as useful as it is practical.

Buy it: BlendJet

10. Gizmo Snap-N-Strain Kitchen; 16 $

This handy chef’s assistant turns almost any pot or bowl into a colander with a few simple clips. The adjustable silicone gadget saves space and is available in bright colors like orange, lime, purple and red, so that it will never be lost and forgotten in the depths of the sea. cupboards for your gift. Think how easy it will be for them to make you that next batch of baked feta pasta now.

Buy it: Amazon

11. Chi Spin N Curl; $ 68 to $ 106

TikTok is a treasure trove of beauty tips, tricks and product reviews. In this category there is constant content related to loops. People are obsessed with finding the easiest, most foolproof ways to achieve bouncy curls and beach waves. The desire to achieve that ‘just walked out of the salon’ look sends much of it to the 1 inch Ceramic Chi Spin N Curl. This famous item from TikTok has a unique tulip-shaped shape and offers adjustable heat settings, a timer, and a digital temperature display. The hair tool sucks up strands with a single click and spits them out in a shiny, almost even row. If you know someone who appreciates saving time (reviews say they were done in under 15 minutes!)

Buy it: Amazon

12. Barsys Smart Coaster; $ 95

Friends don’t let their friends drink crap cocktails. The Barsys smart coaster will help them move from newbie bartender to master mixologists, taking their libations from swill to spectacular over time. Using the brand app, they can choose a drink they want to make and receive instructions on how to make it. Once they have placed an empty glass on the gadget, the lights will turn on inside the coaster and tell the user when to start and stop adding spirits. Don’t you think this will be the perfect casting? Full of users on TikTok have tried it and swear it actually works. It could be a big deal of madness for whoever is hosting your gang on New Years Eve.

Buy it: Barsys

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